Horrific Hospital By J.J. Freel

I blinked my eyes open to see a blinding white light. I must've been in some hospital. My vision was very limited due to the light. As I kept blinking I saw the tiled ceiling of what seemed to be a hospital. A blanket covered my chest and a bed held me up. Analyzing the room I saw two doctors in front of me talking. I listened to their conversation.

“Teddy, how many times do we have to do this today?”

“I told you Matt, until we get the guy’s head straight!”

“Fine. We are doctors and it's our job to get…” he hesitated, “Jerry, back to normal. That's it, Jerry.”

All I knew about myself was that I was named Jerry. Or at least I hope I am. Who knows, I could be crazy! Even though it was a joke, I still can't remember much about my childhood or appearance. Besides the fact that I was a lawyer and had a wife and three beloved kids, I thought. Other than that, I drew a complete blank. All of this scared me as I realized I didn't even know my age! I truly don't remember. But now I know the doctors names are Teddy and Matt. I must have been in some sort of a car crash. I suddenly remembered I always dreamed of being in that kind of drama as a kid. My head was suddenly throbbing in pain. Teddy, the doctor, noticed me wake up and quickly came over to tell me to just relax but he would explain in a bit.

Doctors were yelling and people were rushing around. My heart was beating a hundred times a second. But just then a dark circle slowly enclosed in on my vision and I finally couldn't see a thing. I yelled at the doctors to tell me what the heck was going on. They replied by telling me I was going to be having a problem with my sense of smell. They had answered my question with another problem. I started to wonder what was up.

But then I remembered why I did this, and where it all began. I was always watching tv and dreamed of being a superhero. Most kids would eventually let that go, but I didn't. I volunteered to risk my life for a science experiment to practically make me a superhero and now it's going horribly wrong. As a child this was a dream, but now it's my nightmare. In my mind it didn't sound like me, but I realized that I didn't even know what “me” really was! My head was throbbing in pain again. The doctors told me to not think too hard and they would perform surgery on me any minute now to fix all of this. I agreed but inside I was scared for my life.

I could hear doctors yelling from everywhere. There was so much noise bringing so much pain to me. Doctors kept yelling more stories about how I got here. I got a feeling in me that not all of this could be true, but I have no other information to rely on. But before I could second guess anything, the doctors said they were going to put me to sleep before the surgery, and I felt a sharp needle dig into my arm. It felt like all of my problems just drifted away as I dozed off. But just then I heard just a few more words that answered everything before I finally dozed off.

“He has a Memory problem.” A doctor exclaimed.

I realized that all of this was a lie, the doctors were hiding it from me. Memories were flowing back. I remembered my family again. I knew if I didn't stay awake I could be dead forever. I would never lay eyes on my family again. I tried to sit up and fight the solution from the needle. I was straining every muscle in my body. But the needle was too strong. My arms and head dropped and I fell asleep…

I felt awake throughout the entire surgery, or whatever this is, but I couldn't move at all. Just then I thought I could see something. Just a blurry bright light right in my eyes. My head started throbbing in pain. It felt like something was chipping away at my brain trying to take something. Maybe there was something in there. But it didn't matter because I felt awake all of the sudden. I blinked my eyes open to see a blinding white light directly in my eyes. I blinked some more and looked forward to see two doctors in front of me talking. All I could remember was that my name is Jerry. Or at least I hope I am.


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