Literary analysis "The tell tale heart" by reilly ward

In "The Tell Tale Heart" the main idea is about not mistreating others just on how they look. People have beauty in the inside too . I believe you should not mistreat others on just how they look. Hurting or harming others is wrong because you can't mistreat other just on how they look , you have to get to know someone before you judge them.
The caretaker was mean to the old man on just how he looked . He judged him and harmed him many ways. He made fun of his eye. The caretaker doesn't really know the old man , but the caretaker judges him anyway. The caretaker just works for the old man , he doesn't really know the old man deep inside.
The main point or idea in the "The Tell Tale Heart" is to not judge people on how they look. Many people don't look the best or are really attractive but they have a good heart . It's way more than just looks .

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