Greed in Society Brenna Atwater/ Period 2/ 3-17-17

The amount of greed in today's society has doubled since 30 years ago. 30 years ago it seemed like everyone liked what they had and they made it seem like they wanted nothing more. But in today's society everyone whats the newest IPhone or clothes.

Some examples of greed in The Pearl is that Kino and Juana wanted a better life and didn't appreciate what they had. When they see greed again Kino doesn't want to give up the pearl. He thinks that it is going to give them a better life in the future. But what he doesn't know is that actually the pearl will destroy them as a family.

My connections are that in the real world, wants something new. I think that is what Kino and Juana wanted, a new life. I am sure that they wanted to start over and do all the stuff that the "rich" people did. But they didn't know that it was going to hurt them in the future. My other connection is that in the real world some people don't want to give up what they love. But what they don't know is that it can damage them in the future.

I believe that greed is a heart issue just like it says it says in the quote. I believe that people can choose if they are greedy or not. In society most people are greedy. Greed can put a lot of change in a person's life. I believe that you should love and appreciate what you have instead of being greedy.

In conclusion, greed is a major part of society present day and in the past. Greed has gotten more involved in people's life present day since in the past. Greed is something that people don't need to have, but people just are greedy.

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