ALVAH ROEBUCK Katharine Hamburger

Early Years

Roebuck was born January 9, 1864 and died June 18, 1948. He answered a advertisement in the Chicago Daily news from Richard Sears on one average day. Sears wanted to hire someone to help him co found Sears. He hired Roebuck and he started working with him. Roebuck had a great interest in mechanical things at such a young age.

This is the Sears building in 1902

Innovative Idea

  • Roebuck co founded Sears in 1893
  • invented an improved typewriter which he called the Woodstock
  • He was a very aggressive salesman and all was self taught.


  • His famous quote was " It was our constant desire to maintain our margin of superiority by means of improvements and new inventions"
  • Had a wife and 2 kids also
  • He was a watchmaker at age 12

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