Tokyo - Day 7 Harajuku. Saturday, December 17, 2016


Noodles for breakfast at some diner on the way to Shinjuku station. Then off to Harajuku again. This time on the other side, Takeshita street.


I love the Harajuku train station. It looks so cute! Most of the stations we have been to are all modern looking. This one has so much more character.


This is the Kawaii (think cute pink stuff) side. Mostly shops for girls. Kali got a gigantic cotton candy. Walked in and out of shops. Really crowded.


Takeshita street is very busy and full of interesting shops. It was supposed to be THE place to see the latest in street fashion, but not sure if that is true any more.

There are lots of crepe places around. They all looked like they were from the same chain. We all helped Kali eat her giant cotton candy. It was huge, but it’s mostly air so it wasn’t really all that hard to eat :)

Beer again! Another awesome recommendation from Arlin, Baird Taproom. Ordered a beer flight sampler and heard the couple with a baby speaking English next to us, so struck up a conversation. They're Japanese from LA who have been living in Tokyo for the last 10 years. The woman's sister was coincidentally born in Vancouver. Had a nice conversation about beer and kids and how a lot of Americans are opening up craft breweries in Japan.

Strolled around some more. There's two Nike stores in Harajuku (and, I'm not talking about NikeLab stores). The smaller one is almost like a running only, NIKEiD shop. I bought a sweatshirt and had them print "Tokyo 2016" on the back. Looked great. We washed it already, and the print faded so much, it's hard to see. Boo :(.

Went into Bape. Bape did a collaboration Adidas sneaker a few weeks ago which caused a crowd on Granville Street back in Vancouver. They have a kids' store in the basement of the Harajuku shop, full of things like $500 children's jackets.

Went back down Cat Street. Elaine and I both bought jeans from Japan Blue. Denim nerd warning: I like jeans and this is my journal -- roll your eyes, if you have to. Anyway, back to me. I have a collaboration pair from the same brand that I bought from Blue Owl in Seattle. The new pair is 18 oz and super slubby, feels like wearing sweat pants.

Went back down to Shibuya looking for somewhere to eat, but the lines were pretty long at places we could bring the kids. Ended up back on Cat Street and had dinner at Suzu Cafe.


Suzu Cafe was more a lounge than a restaurant, but it had space for us and they had food, so there you go. There was no separate non-smoking section which was tough for Kali, since her asthma has been acting up a lot since arriving in Tokyo.

One plus is that almost anywhere we have eaten, the food has been pretty good. Some better than others, but always decent.

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