Lattes with Lambs virtual edition: March 29-April 4

This is your portal to the Accokeek Foundation's virtual Lattes with Lambs festival! You will find all of the videos and activities linked below. And for those of you arriving to this online party fashionably late, you can catch up on any content you missed right here.

Each April, the Accokeek Foundation welcomes and celebrates the arrival of the new barnyard babies with a festival—the adorably named Lattes with Lambs. Visitors from all over the area descend on Piscataway Park to enjoy hot caffeinated beverages and fresh donuts, and watch newborn baby lambs frolic around the farm. It's one of our favorite events, and every year we can't wait to open up the barn to the community to share these very special animals with all of our family and friends.

This year, in the service of keeping those family and friends safe, we have made the decision to take Lattes with Lambs off of the farm and onto the internet.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of people's lives, but one thing that hasn't changed is the arrival of new life on the National Colonial Farm. Despite everything that is happening in the world, spring has come and it has brought with it a new class of Hog Island lambs and American Milking Devon calves. Amidst all the uncertainty, we think that's something to celebrate.

The babies have arrived and while they'd like to maintain their social distance, they still want to meet you. Thus, we present you with a special week full of barnyard fun, streamed straight to your home with love from the farm.

april 4: lattes with lambs

And the winner is...


Congratulations to Birdie the American Milking Devon cow and her campaign team! We look forward to Birdie's mayoral leadership in the barnyard this year. To Sir Nigel, thank you for always being an advocate for heritage breed education and we know you have more exciting things in store for us at future events.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the mayoral election, watched one of our videos, colored a coloring page, shook their own butter, ordered a t-shirt, shared this event with a friend, or made a donation to support the animals. We hope to see you on the farm at next year's Lattes with Lambs!

April 3: #FridayIntroductions

It's time to meet some of the new babies and their moms! Follow livestock herder, Maryn, on this special tour of the barnyard.

Color-your-own lamb

We want to see your artistic genius! Download, print, and color this special lamb coloring page.

Last chance to vote for Mayor of the Barnyard!

Who will it be? Nigel the sheep or Birdie the cow? Vote now and then tune in to our Facebook page tomorrow at 10 am to find out the winner!

Polls close at 10 pm on Friday, April 3.

april 2: #Thirstythursday

Today, we bring you videos of some of the farm babies at feeding time. For your enjoyment, an adorable playlist of some very hungry lambs and piglets.

Color-your-own bottle baby

Meet iLambo. She's one of the lambs currently being bottle-fed on the farm. And now you can download, print, and color a picture of her.

april 1: wool wednesday

Did you know that a dedicated group of volunteers processes all of the wool from our flock of Hog Island sheep into yarn? Each spring, we shear the sheep and the sale of wool products from their fleeces help support the Foundation's Heritage Breed Livestock Conservation program. Today, we're going to take you behind-the-scenes with the Stitch 'n Time Textiles Club and show you how each fleece goes from sheep to skein.

Step One: Shearing

Using a Drum Carder

An Introduction to Spinning (the quick version)

An Introduction to Spinning (the deep dive)

Interested in processing wool at home? Try a heritage breed!

Fiber artists all over the country are turning to heritage breed wool as part of the Livestock Conservancy's Shave 'Em to Save 'Em program. The program highlights endangered breeds of sheep and is connected fiber artists to the farmers who raise these special animals. The Accokeek Foundation has sent Hog Island wool to dozens of spinners and knitters, and for many it is the first time they have used Hog Island wool in a project. Check out some of the places our wool has flown to, and then read more about Shave 'Em to Save 'Em below!

March 31: Tuesday with Nigel

The ram. The sheep. The legend. Join us for a look back at Sir Nigel Nicely's legacy.

Vote for Nigel to be the new Mayor of the Barnyard

Polls close at 10 pm on Friday, April 3.

Nigel Nicely's Ultimate Playlist: A collection of our favorite Nigel moments caught on video

Color-your-own Nigel

We want to see your artistic genius! Download, print, and color this special Nigel coloring page.

Get your hooves on some Nigel merch

Nigel presents: Story Time with the Hog Island lambs

Getting ready for bed? Sir Nigel has one more surprise for you! A bedtime story all about Hog Island sheep! One of our educators, Sarah, headed out to the barnyard to read this special story, "The Hog Island Sheep in State of the Ewe-nion," to some of our favorite smol Hog Island lambs. Enjoy! And if you like the story, you can purchase it in our visitor center gift shop when you're allowed to leave your house again, or check out the Barrier Islands Center online shop.

march 30: make-it moo-nday

Welcome to Day 2 of Lattes with Lambs! Today is all about Birdie, candidate for Mayor of the Barnyard, and American Milking Devon extraordinaire. Birdie has some fun things planned for you, so please enjoy!

Shake-your-own butter!

This Lattes with Lambs favorite activity is the perfect thing to do while you're at home in quarantine! It takes about 20 minutes, only requires one ingredient, and if we're honest, butter just tastes so much better when you've had to shake it yourself.

On the campaign trail with Birdie

A special message from Birdie's campaign team:

Color-your-own Birdie

We want to see your artistic genius! Download, print, and color this special Birdie coloring page.

Cast your vote:

Do you think Birdie should be the Mayor of the Barnyard? The polls are open through Friday. Let your voice be heard and tell us which barnyard favorite you think should be the next Mayor!

Polls close at 10 pm on Friday, April 3.

Get Birdie Merch

Show your support for Birdie while also supporting Birdie's barnyard friends. Proceeds from each shirt sold will help fun the Accokeek Foundation's Heritage Breed Livestock Conservation program.

March 29: Virtual Town Hall

Every year at Lattes with Lambs, farm favorite Sir Nigel Nicely (a Hog Island sheep) plans something special for event attendees. Over the years he’s celebrated his birthday, received a knighthood, launched a small business, and married the love of his life, the Lady Aster. This year, Nigel has announced his candidacy to run for “Mayor of the Barnyard,” and during Lattes with Lambs he’ll face off with up-and-comer Birdie. Birdie is an American Milking Devon heifer who has charmed and delighted her followers on Instagram (@adventuresofbirdthecow) with her adventures in Piscataway Park.

Watch Sir Nigel and Birdie debate the issues:

Cast your vote:

The polls are open today-Friday. Let your voice be heard and tell us which barnyard favorite you think should be the next Mayor!

Polls close at 10 pm on Friday, April 3.

Support your favorite candidate:

Show your support for Nigel and Birdie by purchasing some of their merch. A percentage of every shirt sold supports the Accokeek Foundation’s Heritage Breed Livestock Conservation program.

Color-your-own campaign logo:

Help Nigel and Birdie's campaign teams design a logo! Download, print, and color a logo for your favorite candidate. If you post your masterpiece, make sure to tag the Accokeek Foundation.

FB: fb.me/AccokeekFoundation Twitter: @accokeek IG: accokeek_foundation

Learn more about Heritage Breed animals:

Many people are aware of endangered species in the wild, such as sea turtles or spotted owls, very few realize that domesticated livestock species are also threatened. The livestock seen grazing in the fields, cooling in the shade, or lazing about in the barnyard paddocks at Piscataway Park are rare breeds of animals that no longer conform to the needs of modern agriculture. These breeds were imported to the U.S. around the time of colonial settlement and are an essential part of the Accokeek Foundation’s historical programming. More importantly, they are preserved to promote sustainable agriculture and genetic diversity.

The Accokeek Foundation works to increase awareness about special breeds of endangered domesticated livestock by promoting and preserving heritage breeds through a managed breeding program, demonstration, and education.


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