Westport Woman's Club presents annual art show, dazzles viewers Phoebe Miller '23

All photos by Phoebe Miller '23

The Westport Woman's Club showcased Westport's impressive artists during their annual art show on May 22-23.The show contained traditional and more modern art pieces, with many of the works available for purchase.

Some of the art pieces contained modern messages and hidden meanings such as this group of works (left), created with old-fashioned typewriters.

This series of pieces by Amy Bock caught the eye. Bock employs the use of "scenic set design, mask-making, graphic design, art direction and illustration" according to the club.

Many of the artists were at the gallery to answer questions and admire others' work.

Jo Titsworth, a resident of Westport for 43 years, had many of her pieces on display at the show. Several of her creations pictured watercolored flowers and birds.
Expressionist painter Michael Ledner paints with bold colors in scenic areas such as the Connecticut coast and in the woods (left). Photographer Tom Kretsch takes serene, painting-like photos in settings such as the lakes of Maine (right).
"Although I consider myself a photographer and proud of it," Kretsch said in an informational sheet, "I do feel I have developed a style that does display a painterly feel in my work."

Numerous pottery works were also on display and for sale at the show, ranging from decorative bowls and vases, to oil dispensers.

Photography was a prominent feature at the show, with photos varying from modern day topics to landscape portraits.

Photographer Bernard Perry, who has photographed all over the world and has works in museums in both America and Europe, combined a mass of photos he took during the pandemic to create a markedly impressive piece called, "Signs of Our Times".
These pieces by Miggs Burroughs, curator of the show, changed photos from the different angles that a person looked at them.

The show impressed Westport citizens of all ages, and certainly brought our community together to admire the unique pieces on display.

The club entranced viewers with the eccentric pieces, and showed spectators what being an artist is all about.