Reincarnation SuZanne Weyn

This chapter is set in caves and mountains. This makes me worried because people could easily get hurt.
This chapter in set two different caves and a battle field. One of the caves is the home and cave and has one fire for all to share. The other cave is empty and overlooks the battlefield. The battlefield is a flat surface with enough trees for hiding.

This chapter is set in prehistory. This is very interesting because I don't know a lot about prehistory.

I imagine that there are a lot of caves and mountains, but here is also a place for a battle to happen. Somewhere flat like in a valley. I also think it would be very dry there.
I think it would be really populated, but with people for different tribes. This would cause them to fight over food and land.
There are statuses and your status depends on where you eat. It also controls how cole to the cave fire you get to sleep.there are also chiefs who control the tribes. Along with different gems in the cave walls.
There are parts where the young girl, May, is happy. Like when she found out she was going to get married to someone of high status. Or when she is sad because he turned out to also be a complete jerk.
The setting affects the story because if there weren't and cliffs of hills then the wouldn't of died. If they were in the modern times then they would need a husband to determine thier status or if they need a statues.

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