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Hi + welcome to ThePoshGirlsClub! I'm Tori Torres, Founder + CEO of this community. I've spent the last 18 years running my companies.

Over that time, I've worked with some of the biggest ICONS of the last decade, including Beyonce Knowles Carter, Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, Diane Von Furstenberg + DVF Fashion House,, Project Runway, BravoTV + Shop By Bravo, and more...

I've been backstage swag + built brand relationships at the BET, MTV, AMAs + GRAMMY Awards...

I've done so from the comfort of my home office. Literally, I took my business "from my living room, to The Red Carpet"! This path has taught me lessons about entrepreneurship that are so incredibly valuable. Having started first my company back in 2002, I was able to show up on + grow at the inception of social media platforms, like Myspace + YouTube...and use the platforms to sell more products to reach those celebrity clients...who then helped me gain Influence and sell thousands of dollars (over $20k) in products every single month.

In fact, I reached my first six figures within just a few months of launching both my first and second companies. With all that I've learned, I now get to help women all over the world live their best lives through wifi and a dream!

I created this resource for new aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as those looking to scale their businesses, to get an insight on what it looks like to create a strong business foundation and learn to set up their businesses with systems - right from the start. It's the game hanger for saving you time and getting clarity on how the big brands run.

These insights will make a tremendous difference in your business!

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ThePoshGirlsClub is committed to helping you build your business through resources and Community access! Knowing that everyone is in different stages of both life + business, we give you that access where you are. If you're just starting out, too much can be quite overwhelming. If you're mid-tier growth, you may need that boost to help skyrocket you into success! But wherever you are - we have your back!

Besides access to content, you get Community, PGC Lifestyle, and access to Business + Mindset Coaching tips to help you with the content you're learning each week!

Now, let's get started...
Here you'll find some of my favorite resources that will help you start your business, or run it from whatever stage you're in! If you're new to entrepreneurship or considering what you'll need to begin...this resource list is going to tell you some of what you'll need and explain why you'll need it, to get your new e-commerce venture up and running!

Brand Like A BOSS!

It's important to be incredibly strategic about the brand direction from the very beginning.

The audience you want your brand to represent. That's made evident through your graphics, logo, colors, and the "voice" of your business. Keep in mind, this is how you're going to bring in the people that most relate to your business (your key, target audience), help you stay authentic to yourself, and then position yourself amongst any other businesses in your market long-term.

Brand Positioning, Identity, + Messaging are the foundational elements in building your brand and creating a sustainable income for yourself, then scaling that into 6 + 7 figures.

Passion, Purpose, + Personal Branding

I believe in starting your business building journey by understanding your Passion, Purpose, + Personal Brand - then combining those elements into a thriving monetized system - which becomes your successful business venture! That looks like...

Attracting your ideal customer, vs. the chase. Delivering value on auto (simplify your work to amplify it). Then let your value - and a few other little hacks - drive your sales.
Brand Identity

Next, you'll need a place to make all of the incredible graphics you'll want to use to bring in + attract the right people to your brand!

So many seasoned business professionals struggle with this and it shows!!! Take the time to get great graphics - whether you are designing them, or you need a helping hand! Since you're in the startup phase, Canva is a great intro option.

Canva can be used to create PDF's, books + ebooks, magazines, posts for social media including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, FB + Insta stories, covers for social media, + so much more!

Some of my other favorites for curating images are Niice.co , Pixabay, and Pexel

Once you've got your brand popping, you'll need a way to plan it in advance and also format spacing, adding in hashtags, and even auto posting if you'd like. For this, I use all things Planoly - my favorite platform for accomplishing each of these tasks!

Next, you'll need a way to track all that activity happening on your page! Data is the key for all things scaling in your business.

You need a clear funnel to drive your customers/audience through without them having to guess what you're offering and where you want them to go. This inexpensive link in bio app is my all time favorite for creating a beautiful, custom link in bio landing page, driving traffic and letting your audience know exactly who you are and the services you provide, and then tracking the activity! It is seriously a no brainer!

Building the customer journey...

You must identify - how are you going get people into your business every single day. Then, consider how you can create a system that allows you to automate the communication + relationship building with that person (and every new person) that you attract into your business.

Your ultimate goal is always to provide value to help each person use your products better.

Help the visitor instantly identify your area of expertise. One alternative is offering an entry, or even a free value offer, that demonstrates how you can help that person.

You'll need this to "collect, or generate leads". That is, people who show an interest in what you offer.

Convertkit is one of my favorite platforms because it tells you so much about your audience/ community. If you are going to sell tons of products - whatever they are, then you'll need a "hub" of your business. A single place that you can really tell what's going on in the business. So you can see who's opening what emails, what the person is clicking on (interested in) versus what they are not clicking on (no interest). You can't do that with just an Instagram page or website like you can with an email platform. This tells you so many other factors about your business. Convertkit is a platform I've used for over 4 years to help me initially build the PGC.

Dynamic pages, affordable monthly cost, with a free trial for you to see how smoothly everything works with the time you need to setup + test, highly recommend this brand!

Lead pages is another alternative to Convertkit. I've used both and had success with both platforms. If you want to use a free email service, with LeadPages, that could absolutely work as well to get up and running.

Looking for a community of other women entrepreneurs to have a built in place to get feedback, support, and HUNDREDS of hours of resources at your fingertips to grow your business? You'll want to check out The Socialite Society, my community for fierce, female entrepreneurs + businesswomen!

We help the Corporate Business Babe, looking to scale her career to the next level, and of course, current or aspiring Entrepreneurs wanting to do the same. Our slack channel is for collaborating, asking questions, getting direct access to the entire team, sharing your wins + even frustrations...connecting with other ambitious women who want to see you win.

Let's talk about one of my favorite products - ever.

This is for those who are ready to make serious money, or have made some money already and want to scale. Samcart is an advanced tool - it's worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! It's the one tool I would never go without, no matter how much it cost me. That's because for the last 4 years, I have experienced how much it is a benefit to my businesses.

What's great about Samcart is that you can potentially make more sales, with every single sale. So if someone purchases a product from you, you can create what's known as an "upsell". Then, when they click to purchase, you can offer more products at a time for sale, creating a series of offers, that help you make more money for every product sold. Simply put; it's kind of amazing!! I also teach you how to use Samcart all year inside of The Socialite Society - you will literally never have to be alone figuring out how to use it most effectively, immediately. This tool can help you go from a free intro offer, to making $500 in ONE lead page! I know, because I've done it over + over and I'll always give you the tips + tricks on how to do this inside The Socialite Society!

If you are working on a coaching business...Samcart just launched COURSES! Which means you don't have to pay for a separate platform anymore to make sales (and of course do upsell funnels which is why I LOVE Samcart), but now you can have your course content delivered ON THE PLATFORM for FREE - no extra cost. Needless to say, we'll be working on moving all course content over to the new platform in the coming weeks. If you need something to compare it to - Kajabi is one of the best (WAS) to use before this. But now, with Samcart being a powerful payment tool that helps you drive more sales at a time...and not having to pay for another place to deliver the content - game changer!

Check it out for 30 days for free and give it a real test - you'll thank me later ;)

Also, if you're using it I'll be teaching how to use Samcart inside of The Socialite Society for your product and service based biz's w tips + strategies on how to make the most of it. I can't tell you all how huge this is in just this message, but we'll get into it inside of the Community.

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When you are finally ready for a website, I want to share my absolute FAV platform for beautiful, unique, and simple drag + drop features for desktop and mobile.

I started using this brand in February of 2021, and it's been the most highly-converting site I've used. I put the entire site together in about 36 hours...and it has made my web presence - simply stunning, adding to the trust factor I want to create with my audience right away.

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