Child Sponsorship Builds relationships and helps the needy

Children across the world are lacking financial, physical and emotional support. Child Sponsorship gives them these necessities and more!

The money donated to a sponsored child goes towards him or her personally. He can then buy food and receive gifts because of the help from the sponsor.

Once the child sees care, you will have built a foundation to a great relationship.

These are handwritten letters from sponsored children to the sponsors.

This shows how communication can be achieved even though the children would most likely live across the globe.

During my second year as a sponsor, I had established a greater relationship with my child Stephen, and now his family.

Child Sponsorship offered a way for me to have a relationship with the needy, while also maintaining it over time.

These are personal photos from my trip to El Salvador of the food that the sponsorship organizations were serving the children.

This shows that the donation money goes towards great healthy food for the sponsor children.

Child sponsorship also gave me the opportunity to serve with manual labor.

With two different ways to serve through child sponsorship, Christians, who would like to make an impact, should feel more convicted to serve the needy, as well as having a relationship with them.


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