Technology and literacy by: tracy taylor & alina Odom

There are many concerns about the "broken" education system in the United States and the overwhelming amount of students who are reading below grade level. Many feel that the traditional classroom is obsolete and that today's learners require alternative methods of learning that will guarantee technologically advanced graduates.

Essential Questions

How can technology enhance reading instruction?

What are some concerns with using technology to teach reading?

Questions to consider:

How is your school providing reading instruction to students who are reading below their grade levels? ESL students? Special Needs Students?

How can technology integration enhance your reading instruction?

What obstacles may you encounter when trying to integrate technology into your reading instruction?

Please watch the videos and read through the information provided throughout the presentation and post your thoughts to answer these questions in the discussion board. Please also feel free to comment with any ideas or knowledge you have on this topic. Happy learning!

How do you like to read?

Buzzwords in education are constantly changing. The newest fad focuses on 21st century skills, but according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress reading scores in 2015 showed little or no growth. Some feel this is a result of the hesitation shown by teachers to incorporate technology into the the learning environment.

Students today are surrounded by technology. It is entwined in almost every aspect of their lives. It has changed the way they socialize, work, shop, and some feel that it has changed the way they learn. So it only makes sense that it has changed the way they read. Many experts believe that technology may hold the answer to the cognitive reading deficiencies that plague our students. These technologies, that until now were too expensive or not readily available, allow teachers to differentiate based on the needs of the student. Although technology that teaches reading is in its early stages of development, recognizing it as an important learning tool is a must in order to produce 21st century literate citizens.

Five Components of Reading

Although we think of reading as a one step process, reading involves an arrangement of cognitively integrated steps.

1. Phonemic Awareness is the ability recognize and manipulate the sounds in a language.

2.Phonics is the process of matching a sound to a letter

3.Fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy and correct intonation

4. Vocabulary supports reading comprehension

5. Text Comprehension

Students develop and learn in different ways. Each of the components listed above are interdependent. Students who don't understand the phonics of a language are not going to be able to read fluently. Technology allows teachers to personalize learning according to the learners needs offering differentiated scaffolds.

Today's students are immersed in a world providing constant access to various ICT's, and application of this technology is rapidly becoming a regular part of their everyday lives. Thus, it is natural that educators, including those who focus on literacy, increasingly see ways to integrate various technological innovations, including digital media, into their instruction to reach this new generation of learners (Gagliolo & Nansen, 2008).

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. the man who never reads lives only one. (George R.R. martin)

Teachers face many issues when trying to integrate technology into the classroom: lack of teacher training, incompatibility with existing systems, lack of teacher involvement with technology purchase, limited planning time, etc. The following article offers tips to teachers on how to incorporate text and tech in a classroom.

The next article gives clear cut ideas for addressing deficiencies within the reading process and how to individualize instruction in order to address the deficit.


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