Inquiry 5- A reflection Thinking through the semester- an introspection

English One-Eleven, what it has allowed me to learn

Goes further than the college degree I will earn

Some inquiries I found tough, others, not so much

And I learned some things that might come through in the clutch

I now know how to compose in different ways

Information that I now know for the rest of my days

How to write for different audiences; to change my style

I’m sure some day I'll find this worthwhile

Practical things, like how to make a website

I found more useful than studying Shakespeare all night

This was not the first class I did online

But I'm now more mature, and I did just fine

I will graduate college with a finance degree

Numbers sometimes make more sense to me

But this course was practical and knowledge I did learn

That will help me in my job and increase what I earn

But what I liked in this course were the different inquiries

And the way they made me reflect on certain parts of me

I picked a common debate for inquires three and four

Should college athletes be paid more?

Even though I am a college athlete,

It’s not something I think about when I sleep and I eat

Where I’m from, college sports are cared about less,

Trying to pay them would end up in a mess

Because I am from the Canadian culture

Where collegians aren’t watched like a dead snake by a vulture

I wasn’t aware that this was debate was so loud

I thought all athletes wanted was to make their school proud

But I guess here in the “Red White and Blue”

College athletes want payment when they feel it is due

But inquiry 2 more meant more to me

As I thought what it meant to be, “True north, strong and free”

I was able to analyze a speech by Justin Trudeau

The leader of Canada if you did not know

About just what being a Canadian entails

Acceptance and openness are the details

It was more personal because its become my Miami reputation

To some at this school I represent my nation

Next fall when the trees change colors from green

I’m back to the land where you can get a beer at nineteen

But inquiry two let me really think

That being Canadian means more than just living at a rink

By analyzing how Trudeau gave his speech

I really thought about the meaning of his preach

And it reaffirmed that I’m proud of where I call home

Inquiry 2 let me appreciate my culture when I roam

But the real fun came in Inquiry One

Reflecting on it after my team had the league won

It was worth every second of the eight-hour drive

To see what we couldn't finish last year, live

And to watch the lessons I spoke of that day

Come through with every second of their play

We were so close last year, losing in the last round

But this year, league champions my old team was crowned

And I knew the lessons helped to win just more game

"Buckland Cup Champions", they could now claim

To stand last year at the same spot where I gave my speech

A trophy in the locker room evident of how high they could reach

And with this project and reflection fresh in my mind

I took the chance to look back a year behind

And reflect how my leadership on my last year in the league

Might have helped them in the moment of fatigue

What happened that day, you might ask

I stood in front of my teammates, and took off my mask

I told the story of how I knew I could lead

I tried to give them a thought, to plant a seed

To play with passion, to love the game

And understand playoffs just aren’t the same

It allowed to reflect on what leading means to me

To realize that what a leader I could be

It means going through the lessons first

And learning how to avoid the worst

Then you must be able to explain the lesson to learn

And help others take the right turn

And this lesson is not just in sports, it’s something you can expand

And use it in just about anything, all across the land

Inquiry One let me reflect on the lessons learned that day

And think a year later on how I’ll use it along the way

More than just an essay, but a look back

On how to put others on the right track

And to remember back in Inquiry One

What made that day so much fun

And a look back at this first-year course

A great class- that idea I can endorse


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