Kelly Mill Elementary School Home of the Colts

Making the Atypical...Typical

We are Colts Who Care

We are Wisdom Seekers

We are Difference Makers

We are World Changers

We are Family

Kelly Mill Elementary, home of the Colts, opened its doors in August, 2012. We proudly welcomed 1,125 Colts and 125 Staff Members. One of the opening highlights was being able to “Make the Atypical...Typical.” We were, and continue to be committed to being a school where students and adult learners take risks and effectively integrate technology as a part of the instructional program.

As we have grown, we have established 5 Tenets: We are Colts Who Care, Wisdom Seekers, Difference Makers, World Changers and Family. These 5 tenets serve as a guiding framework for all that we do. Our Colts can be found completing service projects, opening up an online business, and performing random acts of kindness, and working to make the school and community the best it can be.

We have been recognized as a Forsyth County News Elementary School of year two times, been a stop on the annual bus tour of the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, and featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not book. We continue to pursue excellence in our communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

We daily strive to live out the expectations of being a Family of Colts Who Care.

Proud to lead, serve and inspire in the West Community, Ron McAllister - Principal

F reedom to be You

A wareness of Others

M anage Priorities

I nvite New Relationships

L isten for What is Meant vs Said

Y es, You Matter.

Kelly Mill Elementary is located in the West Forsyth Community. We are part of the amazing Forsyth County School System and proud to be part of the West Community. Kelly Mill opened its doors in 2012. We serve approximately 1200 students in grades pre-k through 5th grade. We strive at Kelly Mill to create an environment of kindness and family. We provide students with a balanced education as well as opportunities for social emotional growth in order to be successful leaders in the future. Every student is provided opportunities to develop a love of learning in the areas of math, reading, science and social studies through intentional lessons each day. All students participate in specials classes throughout the year in the areas of Music, PE, Art, Drama, Guidance, Science, Technology, and Media.

The Learner Profile

The Learner Profile was developed by Forsyth County Schools and is proudly displayed in every classroom. The Learner Profile details attributes each learner is expected to possess and show ownership of by the time they graduate from one of the Forsyth County High Schools. Students are at the heart of the learner profile and keeps teaching intentional throughout each year they are enrolled in one of the Forsyth County schools.

Building Relationships

The Colts Who Care Program is embraced by our entire colt family. The program is run through the guidance counselors at Kelly Mill. Students are recognized throughout our building for acts of kindness, by being respectful to peers and adults, showing responsibility in their classroom, having a growth mindset, persevering, and displaying connectedness. Students who receive a Colts Who Care card for being a role model Colt are recognized monthly and given a spirit stick!

Balanced Literacy

Literacy is a focus at Kelly Mill. High quality, intentional teaching and learning is valued. Teachers implement this through rigorous instruction that is centered around students to meet individual needs.

Literacy blocks at Kelly Mill encompass balanced literacy. You will see students reading independently, teachers reading with students, and students being read to aloud. Teachers and students meet on a regular basis to work on individual goals. Students learn how to research a topic as well as improve their writing skills in a variety of genres.

Math Instruction

High quality math instruction prepares students to be solve real-world problem solvers. Students are given multiple opportunities to explore, apply, discuss, share feedback during each math lesson.

During math time at Kelly Mill, you will see students working with a variety of math manipulatives to solve problems, students working in collaborative groups, and students participating in number talks. Students are also engaged in using Dreambox on technology to practice math skills on personalized lessons. These hands on strategies help students solve real-world problems relating to math and also increase problem solving skills.

Science and Social Studies Inquiry

At Kelly Mill, science and social studies is taught through authentic learning experiences. Students are encouraged to question, research, speak with experts in a field, and work collaboratively to grow in the areas of science and social studies.

Students have opportunities to engage in a variety of STEAM projects that embrace all content areas in their classrooms with their teachers. Teachers use standards based learning to drive STEAM projects. Students use the 4 C's (communication, collaboration, cooperation, and creativity) to inquire about the world around them and to be real-world problem solvers.

Growing Together

Students at Kelly Mill are learning about the environment by helping in our garden. Students help plant, weed, water, and take care of our school gardens. Produce we grow is used in our cafeteria at times to make salads, smoothies, and as samples for students to try. Anything from radishes to spinach have been tried by students.

Through collaboration and teamwork, Kelly Mill is giving back to our community and environment around us. Students also explore and study the life cycles of Monarch butterflies. Milkweed is all around our school and we love to support and provide a nice home to our Monarch friends.

Special Areas Classes

We connect our students to real world experiences through our one of a kind special area classes.





Science Lab

Digital Learning Lab

Physical Education


Beyond the Classroom

A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are offered to students. These after school activities appeal to our students interests and passions outside of school.

  • Battle of the Books
  • Math League
  • Robotics Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Girls on the Run
  • Chorus
  • Drama Club (3rd grade)
  • Drama Troupe (4th and 5th grade)
  • Art Club
  • Eco Team
  • CNN Broadcasting Crew

In addition to the amazing things we do at Kelly Mill, we encourage our students to give back to our community and beyond. We love offering support to local food banks, shelters, animal shelters in our community. Spreading kindness in anyway we can shows that we are Colts Who Care!

Kelly Mill PTO

Kelly Mill PTO supports the education of students at Kelly Mill Elementary School. The PTO fosters relationships among the school, parents, and teachers. Kelly Mill's PTO plans, organizes, and executes events and programs for our school community.