AutoZone Ryan Mullen, Cameron joudi, Jacob Cote, Sam Daggett, Simona Stefanakova

Strategy Introduction

  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Phase II
  • Revenue
  • Value
  • Funding
  • Alternative Strategies

Phase I: Aligning with Monro

  • Exclusive Purchase Contract
  • Monro's sales are expecting to increase to $1.14 billion
  • $627 million from labor and parts
  • $62 million will be required for increasing inventory levels

Phase II: Implementing Tire Sales

  • Unmounted tire sales
  • Mounting services provided
  • Not providing tire changing services
  • Referring customers to Monro locations

Remodeling and Equipment Costs

  • Tire mounting equipment: $27 million
  • Cost for remodeling all locations $581.4 million
  • Relocation of inventory $22.5 million
  • Cost of adding tires to inventory $5 million

Phase III: Modify Existing Advertising

  • Adjust current marketing activities
  • Update website and Z-net Catalog


  • Generating additional revenue streams
  • Various ranges of possible sales in first 3 years
  • Minimum of $854 million in sales after three years
  • Contract with a recycling company
  • Varying rates per locality


  • Provide value to AutoZone's customers
  • A referral source for customers DIFM
  • Increase in product diversification
  • Tire recycling would provide a CSR component
  • High level of knowledge of AutoZoners


  • Not increasing debt
  • Reducing the current stock repurchase program in the current year
  • From $1.45 billion to $750 million

Alternative Strategy

  • CSR Based
  • 1.5% of sales towards a nonprofit organization that helps the envrionment
  • Research shows strong numbers for companies committed to positive social and environmental efforts (Nielsen, 2015)
  • Increasing brand image, customer loyalty, and sales
  • 3 out 4 individuals in the Millennial Generation prefer working for companies that implement CSR (Cone, 2009)


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