Ji Min Hwang Journal

Romans 13-16

Romans 13 = This chapter talks about what love "really" is. For example, if LOVE someone, but you steal his/her items, then you do not love him/her.

Romans 14 = The Lord will make those who are weak strong, and those who are strong weak.

Romans 15 = i did not know that Spain had it's name as SPAIN at that time, because, for example, North and South Korea had their names: Joesun, but now it's changed. I guess Spain is a very "old" country.

Romans 16 = Truly, it was very annoying to read all the names listed on chapter 16. I guess it was important.

Overall, It was interesting to read all 4 chapters and learn new stuff.

Created By
Ji Min Hwang


Orginally from aa.com (americanairlines.com), but found at Google. 

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