Perseverance The power of hope

High-Risk Homes

Where one lives deeply affects one’s lifestyle. Clint Smith teaches in an area where residents cannot afford healthy foods/grocery stores. Due to this, people can only eat fast-food, which leads to them being obese. Clint mentions a boy named Jose. Jose’s mom works for the majority of the week, so he eats fast food every day. Effects of this are his joints are being pressured by the excess fat, and his knees are basically crumbling. The gun violence in the area leads to people being afraid to leave their own homes. This leads to children staying inside and never being active. A girl named Brianna lives a few feet away from a landfill, so people think that she’s trash. Their lives are expected to be 30 years shorter than the next town just because of the place that they live. All of these things lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses like those. Due to their location, their shorts lives are already set out for them.

From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, "I survived." ~ Craig Scott

Personal Thoughts...

It's better to know that you went through the hardest of times and survived, than to live with the fact that you gave up before ever even trying.

Optimistic Vujicic

I am gonna try and try again, because the moment I give up, is the moment I fail. ~ Nick Vujicic

Personal Thoughts...

There is always a reason to smile. We just have to persevere to find it.

Venturing With Her Violin

Nadja’s journey with the violin is a very long one. Prior to becoming the professional that she evolved to be, she first started playing at a young age. After playing for many years, she became more interested in trivial things rather than music. Then, during her first year of college, she realized that she wasn’t as almighty as she thought while seeing other people who were more talented than her. Not long after, Nadja began to doubt her abilities. Afterwards, she no longer wanted to hear herself play. She stopped bringing her instrument to her violin lessons. Eventually, her teacher got fed up and told her that if she didn’t bring her violin the next time, she wouldn’t be able to attend class anymore. At last, Nadja decided that she would join a competition. She was determined to improve, so she immersed herself in practicing. After a great while of overworking herself, the competition came up. First, she made it past the preliminaries. Second, she made it into the semifinals and took a risk by playing a piece that she was new to. Third, she made it into the finals and played the piece that she knew best. Finally, she won the whole competition. From there, she went on to perform all around the world in many countries. Nadja wouldn’t be where she is now if it weren’t for her long process of triumphing over her adversities.

We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. ~ Hellen Keller

Personal Thoughts...

All adversities are eventually triumphed over.

Persistent Purdy

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. ~ Margaret Thatcher

Personal Thoughts...

If this moment feels like the worst point in your life, then it means that from now on it has to get better.

Clever Carp

A Carp Gives a Lesson in Perseverance, is a story of a Japanese man named Rosetsu who was on the verge of giving up on his dream of being an artist, as well as on life in general. He spent 3 years in a school taught by a great painter, Okyo-Maruyama Okyo, yet he made no progress. People who had entered after him left before him after having become quite good painters. One night, while Rosetsu was walking, he sat down under a pine tree and fell asleep. He woke up before dawn and started hearing strange noises. He sat up and saw a carp persistently jumping out of the water to try to reach a biscuit. The carp continued this for 3 hours, continuously jumping and injuring itself in the process. At times, it used different tactics, but nonetheless, it’s perseverance never faltered. At last, the carp was rewarded for its efforts by finally reaching the biscuit. Rosetsu took this experience as a lesson to himself. He told himself that no matter what, he would continue his own efforts to become a painter. He returned to Okyo with a newfound hope in painting. Rosetsu progressed until eventually, he became one of Japan’s greatest painters. He found hope when it felt like nothing was falling into place, and he was finally recompensed with his dream.

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. ~ J.K. Rowling

Final Thoughts...

Perseverance is a lifestyle, not just a topic that we study for a grade.


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