The Bridge

Our first bridge was a failure to say the least. It was beam bridge with almost no support. We built it like this because we thought that the different crosses in between the beams would keep the rest of the bridge strong. This was our second choice for a design, originally we wanted to just make a three-d square that would span across the gap in between the tables.

First bridge test

Our bridge broke because there wasn't enough strength on the bridge. The first bridge was like a long twig. The bridge was not thick enough and had terrible connections between different parts of the bridge.

Our second bridge had a totally new design which was inspired by other bridges in our class that did well. We made another beam bridge but layered them well this time, we also had a triangular design for support on the top of the bridge.

Second bridge test

We learn that making bridges takes a good amount of trial and error. We understand now that if you can delay extreme tension or compression then the bridge will be able to hold more and last longer.

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