Be careful for what you wish for ELENA IXTEPAN

Be careful for what you wish for. In the story "The Monkey's Paw' three people got to wish for something that they have always wanted but there were also consequences to it.

The monkey paw had a pass that caused mischief to the people that had wish before. Like the young man he wished for death and it was granted. Every time the Whites asked sergeant he would always get pale and quiet because he knew about the bad things. Sergeant wanted to get rid of it but they insisted to keep it. They didn't think much of it but they were wrong.

The Author said that the Monkey's Paw had caused enough mischief and sergeant Morries wanted to burn it because he knew that bad things could happen. The Whites got it before it got burned and they wanted to have it and see if it actually granted wishes. Sergeant Morris stated " But I warn you about the consequences". The Whites wished for 200 pounds but they didn't think that something bad would happen.

" Be careful for what you wish for", because you never know what it will bring. You may think that wishes may bring positive but that's not always the case. Sergeant warned the whites many time about the mischief but they didn't listen so they had to learn by themselves. They asked for 200 pounds and they thought that nothing bad could happen but they were wrong. 10 days later and they lost their son for 200 pounds.

You may wish for something incredible but bad things can happen. The monkey paw gave 3 families to wish for anything but they believed everything would be fine. The sergeant knew what it was capable to do and warned the Whites but they didn't listen and they lost their son. Like the author said " Be careful for what you wish for". I think everyone will learn out if this and teach them that you can't trust somethings and to be careful.

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