Abstract Expressionism by Hans Hofmann Savanna anderson 2nd

Hans Hofmann was born March 21, 1880 in Weissenberg, Bavaria and died February 17, 1966 in New York City, NY. His theme was blending Cubism, Fauvist color, Expressionism and Surrealism. He also looked at the depth, color, form and texture of his painting it make it look the depth.


Created with images by Sharon Mollerus - "Hans Hofmann, Autumn Gold [detail], 1957" • Allie_Caulfield - "2013-05 München 167 Lenbachhaus, Hans Hofmann, The Conjurer" • Chrismatos ♥90% OFF, sorry - "" Color To The World"" • Sharon Mollerus - "Hans Hofmann, Untitled (Yellow Table on Green), 1936"

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