Media and News Bias and how it Reinforces Racism and Stereotypes Ty Carpenter

What is my topic?

- My topic will uncover how bias in the media and/or news uses rhetorical language to cause fear and hate, to force racism into the minds of readers, and force those readers to take sides

- This presentation will reveal to you the corruption in our news and in the media that causes one of the biggest issues in society today, racism.

Why are People Racist?

-Even though many of us come from different cultural and racial backgrounds, we are all human, and because we are human we make mistakes.

-We take on the many views and ethics of those who we spend our everyday lives with.

- We judge people's character without getting to know them. This is by definition Stereotyping, which is associated with racism.

- A lot of times people point fingers at people of another race, and thus causing racial tensions.

Where does racism occur?

-Racism occurs everywhere, at home, at schools, at your job, online and in the media.

- In the media, authors or commentators in the news use language to persuade readers of their personal views and beliefs. Races are perceived in a way that is wrong, negative, and hurtful.

Examples Of Racism in the Media

- One example of a Racist in the media is Donald Trump. The man sits in tons of power and has a voice that causes lots of controversy across the country. The language he uses in the many of his speeches rallies many people behind him and creates fear among the rest.

- Trump's anti-immigration beliefs have made racism come out from the shadows. Two Indian-American men have started to see this, ever since his election.

- Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Arabs and South Asains, people from several cultural and racial backgrounds have begun to experience the racial threats that have been created from Trump's targeting of immigrants.

- Trump has used language to cause fear and hate, to force racism into the minds of the people of the US

More Examples of racism in media

- Our news is also very biased and racist, and causes others to be as well.

-White Suspects vs Black victims.

- Derrick Varner is an African American living in Montgomery, Alabama who was a victim in a shooting. He was pulled over and found with a wound and was taken to the hospital. He died on the way there.

- Instead of paying respects to Varner, the article reports how he had just did crack and how he was pulled over for a seatbelt violation. The article also mentions how he was involved in a robbery. Not one good thing was mentioned about Varner.

- Trayvon Martin, a young teenager was a victim to George Zimmerman - a neighborhood watch member - who shot and killed Trayvon on Feb 26.

- Instead of having his respects paid, the article bashes Martin on how he was suspended for drugs, suspended for writing "WTF" on a locker. These are both things that have nothing to do with the murder of Trayvon. Trayvon's mother states, "They killed my son and now they're trying to kill his reputation."

- And these two victims of murder very well did have their reputations destroyed

- Now what about a white suspect?

- Eric Bellucci stabbed both of his parents in the chest over dozens of times, of course slaughtering them both. He was really moody and often could be violent. But the article mentions how he was handsome, intelligent, and athletic.

- Eric a murderer, cold blooded killer, a psychopath, was being honored and respected. Trayvon and Derrick, victims to murder, were having their reputations absolutely destroyed.


- We are human, we don't mean to judge.

- When your environment is attempting to use persuasive language to enforce racism. Many emotions are felt fear, hurt, anger, and hate.

- Our environments and emotions cause racism and conflicts among racial groups. It is important to not allow this to happen.



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