Hermes The olympian god

Hermes was a god that was quick and cunning and often stole from his brothers and sisters.

What Hermes dipicicted as

Hermes was often dipictated as having a bird by his side and was very quick and was made the messenger of the gods.

Hermes has also been dipictated as being the guide to the underworld.Hermes has also been dipictated as the fastest of the gods and once even saved his brother ares from a vessel were he was imprisoned by a titan.

These are the sandals that Hermes is often dipictated as wearing.He wore these sandals with wings because it allowed him to have extra mobility and be able to travel faster.

Hermes is often dipictated as the god of merchants because he always trade with the gods and often stole things that people wanted so that he could get what he wanted.

There is a myth about Hermes.As a baby he snuck out of his crib and stole the cattle of Apollon.Hermes created the first lyre out of his pet turtles shell.

Hermes was a very sneaky god and the other gods weren't very fond of him.

Hermes often caused fights between the gods he always steals from the gods and blames it on the other gods and says that he didn't steal it and the gods always believe him for some freason and the always feud.

Hermes was even responsible for stealing Zeus master bolt.Zeus master bolt was the most powerful weapon ever created and his son took it from Zeus and he was trying to cause a war of the gods so that the gods would destroy themselves.He was trying to cause a fight.

The staff of Hermes also is supposed to have certain medical properties and is supposed to have amazing healing properties.

This staff is often carried by harolds and Shepards and Hermes is often dipictated as the god of Shepards and that staff is often carried by shepards a.

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