Ben Clos Your design is your story

It starts with a welcome.


Your story starts here. The first impression of your space will tell guests what you're all about and set the tone for their visit. Begin the story of your space right when they walk in the door.


The lounging areas of your space facilitate the interactions you want to have. Focusing all of your furniture into a communal zone tells guests to stay awhile and catch up.

Centering the room around a television says, "showtime starts here."


Now that your guests are comfortable, how will you keep them entertained? Choose something that you enjoy and share it with others. Whether it is a collection of board games, wonderful music, or a fully stocked bar, entertain your guests in a way that reflects your personality.


Sometimes, work comes home. Whether it's "let's get down to brass tacks" or "working doesn't have to feel like work," your office space needs to match your style. Create a work setting that reflects your work ethic. When your space reflects you, your work will organically do the same.

Add personal touches that make you happy in your work space, like family photos, artifacts from past travel, or mementos that keep you motivated.


Creating a space to invest in yourself is important for your mind. Designate a place to set everything else aside and focus on you and what you love.


Probably the most critical part in a space: unwinding. Everyone needs a sanctuary where they can retire after a long day. Pick colors and textures that soothe your mind and your body. Incorporate reflections of your personality and style to create your ideal oasis.

Does your space tell your story?

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