India Call Center

India has 1,326,801,576 population. Children go to middle/upper Primary school at age six to age fourteen. Secondary Education is offered at grade nine to grade twelve. You have to have a good education. You have to be able to speak English and write English very well to get into the Call Center in India.

Chrildren in middle/upper primary schools.

In India, Tecky Love is a place that handles calls from all over the country. If their names are hard to pronounce then they will be able to pick their own American name. For an example if there is a boy answering the phone his name can be Michael or James or whatever he wants, same for the girls. If the customer ask a question and the fellow doesn't know what the answer is they will call over an attending. That's only when they are new and getting use to the job. If it's an attending then they would be fired.

For their training there will be an attending going over the instruction how they greet the customer. They will go over how they will pick there American name. They will have a pop quiz after two years of training. If they don't pass then they will have one more year of training. The attending will take the other quiz and the new quiz and compare. If they miss the same exact questions then they don't get in.

The attending is whearing a dark blue trying to train the fellows.

Call center gets paid a total of $14.36 a day. The training people don't get paid but the attending that try to make them useful and make sure they know everything. They attending trying to teach will get an extra dollar everyday until they stop. They will get a total of $15.36 dollars a day.

The call center being paid


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