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1994. Before the end of the second millenium, a boy was brought into the world. Fathered by a talented musician with an intelligent and wise mother, the boy was raised with love and hardship, he feels the blood of his father coursing through his veins. The blood of a maestro. His name is.... Megat Muhammad Fadhli.

Assignment 1 : E - Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Exercise 2 : Viral Content

Yes To Fast Food, No To Drugs

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Drugs… we can't argue that a lot of people nowadays consume drugs such as weed, MDMA, cocaine and etc. The reason why they are taking it, is because of work stress, influence from friends, family problem and partying. There's no doubt that this type of drugs can distract them for a moment from these types of problem. People take drugs with the intention to momentarily forget about their problems, but the after effect of overdosing is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.

People choose to ignore this because despite consuming drugs, they don't consider themselves as a drug addict. They take them occasionally and only when they’re with a crowd that they can trust. Even though this kind of excuse is common, drugs is still not a laughing matter.

Instead of taking drug, why don't we replace it with food. Especially fast food such as burger, pizza, mac and cheese and etc. Fast food can be addictive as drug and it will fill your appetite. Moreover it can addictive as drugs.

fast food is life.It won't kill you. fast food makes you happy with greasy calories. Better than drug if you ask me. it will kill you but slowly.

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Why Fast Food if You Ask Me.

Here’s 3 fascinating ways why fast food is preferred to from drugs:

1. Satisfaction Beyond Compare.

Not only do you get the pleasure to eat greasy food, but it’s absolutely legal! You can eat it without feeling worried and the authorities can’t do any harm to you because you're not breaking any law. Drugs? Not so legal. Even carrying drugs can land you a large fine or time in prison too.

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2. Convenient

It's almost impossible to not get it at every corner of a petrol station. To make it easier, drive thru services now provide fast food chains. There’s no reason to leave your vehicle and just sit back and relax with your air conditioner while ordering your food. Drugs on the other hand… it’s a tough job to find good dealers. And avoid the popo… And it’s haram. Need I say more?

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3. You Know What You Eat

While eating fast food, you have a general idea of the ingredients that are in them. Not only that, sometimes you can even customize your food based on your liking. Unlike drugs, you won't know what they put in it, all you know is you're gonna get high or die. #realtalk

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Exercise 3 : Infographic

Assignment Resubmission.

Why do drugs if you can have fast food instead. Fast food helps you fill your appetite. Drugs kills you instantly without you knowing it. Moreover, is hard to get it and you might get caught authorities.

Exercise 4 : Mobile App

Travel Boleh.

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Our application is available for Apple and Android user. This application is different from other travel application because is easy to understand and convenient to use. Our application also provides the trendiest and affordable restaurant all around Malaysia.

The link to our Application, Do enjoy!

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Assignment 2 : Video

Ever wanted to go to a Prestigious University for the Performing Arts but can't find a good one? Well PHAKE University is here to fulfill your dreams in obtaining your Perfoming Life with Dance, Art and Music to cater to a student's needs.




Assignment 3



After Chasing Pacman, the ghost need some rest.

2. Happy

Winning the game makes the ghost happy for victory.

3. Sad

With four ghost, still fail to catch the pacman. Thus, makes the ghost sad.

4. Working

Even ghost make plans to catch the pacman.

5. Angry

After losing to pacman, the ghost is angry towards other ghost.

6. Confused

The monkey confused why is he in the pacman game.

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