The Day I Fell in Love With Stingrays RiPLEY'S AQUARIUM IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN

Since I was in Toronto, I decided that it was a smart choice to go to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Aquarium. After watching Black Fish, I realize it wasn't my best choice, but it was still good because I got to meet the stingrays! I was just looking through the glass at all the string rays and just saying hello. I was so sad and heartbroken when we had to leave. TO MY SURPRISE, we weren't done at the aquarium quite yet. THERE WAS A STINGRAY POOL!!! I'm talking this giant pool filled with stingrays and little sharks (MY DREAM HAS JUST COME TRUE PEOPLE). To top it off, it's a pool where we can pet them. So basically this was the greatest day of my life. I got to pet sharks and stingrays. They're so soft and squishy. I wish I could have hugged them all.

So yes, this was the best day ever, and this is also the day that I got to touch my first love (sharks), and also develop a new love for sting rays.

P.S. While we were petting the sting rays, this boy fell into the pool and I was really proud to witness that. (He wasn't harmed or else I probably wouldn't be so proud).

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