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Mudgee is a town northwest of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. It's known for its colonial buildings. The surrounding countryside has dozens of wineries. In the town centre, sandstone St. Mary's Catholic Church is characterised by Gothic Revival architecture.

St. Mary's Catholic Church
Lowe Winery
Premium vines with Peter Lowe

The Winery vineyard at Tinja (500m). All four Lowe vineyards are now certified organic, displaying the diverse terrior of the region.

Mudgee’s red earth has long been known for its grape growing properties with a history of grape growing stretching back over 120 years. Our continental climate, with no influence from the sea we generally have hot days, cool nights and (usually) winter/spring rain with a long dry growing season. This leads to tremendous elegance and balance in the reds with a distinctive savoury character and finely structured tannins.
Lowe vineyards are untrellised, unirrigated and certified organic.
The best wine starts here. Fruit comes from strong and healthy plants, growing in soil that supports their ongoing heath.
Wine tasting with Peter Lowe
Winery wedding venue under construction
Lunch at Lowe's Tinja winery
winery with the white winery cat
Gulgong - Ten Dollar Town

Gulgong is a 19th-century gold rush town in the Central Tablelands and the wider Central West regions of the Australian state of New South Wales. The town is situated within the Mid-Western Regional Council local government area.

Novelist and bush poet Henry Lawson lived briefly in Gulgong as a child in the early 1870s, while his father sought instant wealth as a miner. A montage of goldrush-era Gulgong street scenes was used as a backdrop to the portrait of Lawson on the first Australian ten dollar note (which was in use from 1966 until replaced by a polymer banknote in November 1993).[8] The town and its surrounding district feature in Lawson's fiction, especially in Joe Wilson and His Mates.

Gulgong is believed to be one of the primary locations in Thomas Alexander Browne's Robbery under Arms. Australia's first novelist of note, Browne was police magistrate in the period 1871-81. He once hosted English author Anthony Trollope, who later recorded his impressions of Australia and New Zealand (1875)

Gulgong coffee stop
Sue Stephens gets a signed CD from well known local artist Bob Campbell
Gulgong Pioneer Museum

Established in 1962, the Gulgong Pioneers Museum is home to one of the finest collections of Australiana in the country. Located in the old Times Bakery and Produce Store in the heart of historic Gulgong, the award winning museum’s collection includes a comprehensive array of domestic tools and utensils, farm and mining equipment, horse drawn vehicles, early photographs, Aboriginal and geological artifacts, period clothing, and buildings dating from Gulgong’s heyday during the turbulent Gold Rush days of the 1870’s

Prince of Wales Hotel
Mudgee Honey Haven tasting
Our thanks to Bill and Jill for organising this very enjoyable trip

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