Plate Boundaries By Eleanor Mccarthy

Convergent Boundaries

Convergent boundaries happen when two plates move together.

The type of stress on convergent boundaries is compression.

Convergent boundaries can be Continental – Continental or Oceanic-Continental.

On continental-continental boundaries earthquakes occur and mountains and volcanoes form.

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

At oceanic-continental boundaries subduction zones and volcanoes form, and earthquakes occur.

Volcano, earthquake, Mariana trench

Real world: Mount Saint Helens

The volcanoes biggest explosion happened on May 18th 1980.

The volcano blew 540 million tons of ash into the air, made a crater in the top, and killed 57 people.

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent boundaries are where two plates are moving apart.

The stress at divergent boundaries is tension.

Divergent boundaries can be Oceanic-Oceanic or Continental-Continental

At Oceanic-Oceanic boundaries mid-ocean ridges and volcanoes form and earthquakes occur.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Volcano, Earthquake

At continental-continental boundaries continental rifts and volcanoes form and earthquakes occur.

East African Rift, Volcano, Earthquake

Real World: Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption

The volcano last exploded in 2010. The ash was sent kilometers into the air, causing a hazard for aircraft.

Transform Boundaries

Transform boundaries are where two plates are sliding horizontally past each other.

The stress on transform boundaries is shear stress.

Transform boundaries can be Oceanic-Oceanic or Continental-Continental

At both boundaries fault lines are formed and earthquakes occur.

Earthquake and San Andreas Fault

Real world: San Andreas Fault

One of the largest recorded earthquakes from the San Andreas Fault was in 1906. The earthquake off set various objects by yards caused damage to buildings. It also killed 700 people and caused millions in damages.

The end!

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