Innsbruck, Austria innsbruck in 24hrs

We were sad to say goodbye to our cute little town of Ehrwald and slightly disappointed that we leaving just before the “Return of the Cattle” festival was about to get underway. Every year thousands of cattle spend the summer months grazing on lush alpine pastures in the Tyrol. Towards the end of summer the cattle all return home to their stables in the valley which on the day they return is celebrated by all the locals. For the occasion, cows are lushly decorated with flowers and garlands as well as bells. But it was time to depart, as we had yet another place to visit and explore!


Walking into the old town our eyes are soon back out on storks marvelling at this towns beauty and unique character. What’s not to like about Innsbruck?

We soon had in our possession the key to the city... An Innsbruck 24hr card that was going to unlock all the top sites and attractions over the next 24hrs!

First destination was to catch the cable car up the mountain to Nordkette for spectacular 360 degree views of both the Austrian Alps and back down to Innsbruck, sprawling along the valley floor.

Other sites included the Imperial Palace (no photos allowed, just a few sneaky ones). A climb up the city tower for views over the old town and a visit of the empty tomb of Emperor Maximilian at the Court Church. We still had time for simply exploring the old town on foot and a pleasant stroll through the Imperial Gardens.

Dinner was an experience as many of the streets in the old town were crammed full of locals having a Saturday night drink and purchasing food off pop up food stalls. When Jenny spied the mushroom risotto served from one of the street stalls, we soon found ourselves lined up for one. We soon figured out you could sit at the outdoor tables of restaurant/bars as long as you purchased a drink... wasn’t that hard. “Two Radlers please!”

Lindau will be our next port of call... stay tuned!

Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen

Quickest way to climb to 2200m is on the cable railways - 1 x Vanicular and 2 x cable cars to get us to the top in around 40min (beats 2 days of hiking to get to the same altitude!)

That’s me wondering if it’s all too much...

Imperial Gardens

View from the City Tower

Imperial Palace

Court Church

Looks to me that Marcus was here before me!
Not bad for no built in resistance!
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