"Another day at the office" By CArlos Antonetty

This is one of the perks of my current jobs. Sometimes I get to go places that I really enjoy going. And sometimes I ask... "and they pay me to do this?" This is some of the pictures that I got while working back home in P.R. I had the luck to go work and stay in PR for "free". While I was there I was lucky enough to have time to visit family and friends.

Lets go for a spin!
Most be nice to live around here!
Found my retiring address!
Nice day for a flight!
Ehh where are we going? The beach is the other way!
Low flyby just because
Not every day you get to fly so close to El Morro
Mandatory Iconic photo
A bit closer
Almost miss the turn!
Got it!
Some places to go visit in P.R. if you ever get to "someday"


Created By
carlos antonetty


Created with images by breezy421 - "Old San Juan, Puerto Rico" • trishhartmann - "Puerto Rico Vista" • Lenaeriksson - "boat wreck wooden boat" • jeffgunn - "Old San Juan" • kla4067 - "Puerto Rican beach" • vxla - "La Perla" • breezy421 - "Puerto Rico" • breezy421 - "Puerto Rico" • dameetch - "San Juan Puerto Rico" • jesu78754 - "puerto rico old san juan architecture" • jeffgunn - "El Yunque Rainforest" • Serge Melki - "Inside Bacardi and Famous Bat" • PublicDomainPictures - "pavement brick san juan" • reviewer3 - "puerto rico fort san juan" • MariamS - "flags blue usa" • Lenaeriksson - "pir bridge puerto rico" • InspiredVision - "Castillo San Filipe del Morro, Puerto Rico" • InspiredVision - "Castillo San Filipe del Morro Post"

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