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I am a 22 year old, enthusiastic Digital Marketing Masters student at the University of Portsmouth, soon to graduate with a positive and ambitious attitude to work. I am a friendly, approachable person with a good sense of humour and have the confidence to work with new people in new surroundings. I enjoy taking on new challenges either individually or as part of a team and strive to do my absolute best.

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University of Portsmouth 2016-2017

MA Digital Marketing Degree

This degree involves creating several Digital Marketing Strategies for real clients who need a detailed business plan on how they could improve their digital presence, brand awareness and engagement. Pitches to the businesses included prototypes, GANTT Charts and financial estimates including ROI. Contemporary issues within the digital world are discussed as well as a constant engagement with the newest, most innovative digital techniques.

I'm more than happy to share more details on my university projects upon request. Below is a brainstorm of all skills that were developed during this Masters course.

University of Portsmouth 2013 - 2016

BA (Hons) First Class English Language Degree

My three year English Language Undergrad degree focussed on a wide range of topics. I learnt how to write with persuasion, study discourse and language used in the media and how to successfully adapt the tone of voice in written language. This equipped me with skills I not only loved to develop, but skills that would prove to help me in my Masters degree and Internet Life.

I am proud to say that my First Class degree ranked within the top 2% of graduates heading from undergraduate level to postgraduate level at the University of Portsmouth. I was reward by the University with a scholarship for my Masters Degree.

B L O G & Y O U T U B E

With little professional work experience, I feel it necessary to open up to you about a certain pastime of mine. As a hobby, I run a beauty blog named ‘LexiLife’ and have done for the past 18 months. Along side this, I run a Twitter account, Snapchat and Instagram which helps me connect with more people and increase my exposure. Since then, my following has grown rapidly and welcomed me into the world of YouTube as of late May 2016.

This hobby has turned into something that I never thought it would. The opportunities that have come my way so far has been amazing, the best of which are mentioned later. These generally include receiving exclusive products from beauty and lifestyle companies and invitations to networking events and restaurants. My current stats are below and I have a media kit/infographic for my digital presence which is available upon request. Please note that my reach is constantly growing so they may differ from time to time!


1,784 Subscribers



Being A LookFantastic Brand Ambassodor

Earlier this year, I was selected among 14 others to become a LookFantastic Brand Ambassador. I am now part of their #TheBeautySet campaign which involved over 1000 applicants making this my biggest achievement in the blogging world to date. The audition day included being on set, a photoshoot and spontaneously reviewing new products to showcase how well I deal with pressure. Also, I was required to quickly create a flatlay (see below) with limited props and lighting. This photo was then reposted on the official Ioma Paris Instagram with photo credit to me.

Part of being a LookFantastic Ambassador includes receiving a Beauty Box every month, seasonal packages and other beauty bundles to photograph. Also, I will be attending LookFantastic events and making social videos/vlogs. I'm so grateful for LookFantastic picking me and am looking forward to what the future may hold for me and my pastime!


Website Tester for UserTesting.com

I reviewed the usability of websites for usertesting.com during my undergrad degree. From this, I’m constantly aware of what may work well in terms of web design for different types of companies. My screen and voice is recorded requiring me to be articulate and clear at all times.

Re-Developed Websites & Created Social Media Campaigns for Local Businesses

As part of my English Language Undergrad Degree, I was set a task of approaching a local business with the proposition of having their website redeveloped. Within my MA Digital Marketing Degree I created social media campaigns that accommodates the business owners' needs as well as what is right for the company. From this, I have developed the following skills:

  • Having a good sense of design & understanding good usability
  • Personable skills when building a rapport with the business owners and employees
  • Working to deadlines in order to meet the client's and the universities needs
  • Understanding the companies themselves by adapting tone of voice, content and engagement.

ASOS Customer Care Advisor

During the summer break from university, I decided to utilise my free time in order to gain more experience in a different field of work. This role involved responding to emailed customer queries with a professional lexis whilst maintaining the companies required relaxed tone. Skills learnt and content of the job include:

  • Understanding the customers' needs and how to respond accordingly.
  • Investigating customer complaints and queries in order to resolve and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Queries that were serious cases and where previous intervention had failed to resolve; I was selected to handle these cases. This involved; personally calling complainant; listening to their issues and needs; investigating, taking and documenting immediate action to resolve; ensuring customer satisfaction and company learning.

Waitress & Barmaid for 3 Years

Whilst doing my GCSEs and A-Levels, I worked at a local pub as a barmaid and occasionally a waitress. Throughout the summer I decided to take on two jobs at once and work as a Waitress in a local restaurant. These jobs help kick start my customer service skills as well as how to work well in a team.


I completed a 5K Mud Run for Cancer Research in 2015 within a group of 4. It involved challenging yet fun obstacles whilst running a total of 5K. I managed to raise over £100 for this charity and look forward to do many more!

Selected as a House Captain within my secondary school within 2012 through an application and interview process. This role included organising years 7 through to 11, speaking in front of school assemblies, parents at school events, and working with other house captains as a team.

In 2011, I was selected as the youngest student ever within the school to choreograph and teach a dance to represent England from the Hemel Hempstead School in the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa. This was an amazing, rare experience that resulted in me being able to utilise the skills I’ve learnt from this opportunity.


Feel free to contact me with any of your questions. Below are ways to get in touch.

Email: katyferguson95@gmail.com (all lower case)

Phone: 07939605084

Twitter/Instagram: lexilife95

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