Marlborough Primary School July 2020 Newsletter

Dear Marlborough families,

Well, this is one academic year that we will not forget in a hurry! This time last year we had detailed plans in place for the new school year, we simply could never have envisaged that a pandemic would change those plans in such a dramatic and disruptive way. I am so proud of the way in which the Marlborough Team adapted to new remotes of working and ensured that learning and wellbeing continued to be supported remotely. Equally, the way in which our Marlborough families have juggled home learning, work and family commitments has been so inspiring. I am relieved that we are able to welcome pupils back before the end of the academic year, albeit on a small scale. We don't know what challenges the new academic year will bring, however, I am confident that we will meet them positively and with fortitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support this year. I have never been prouder nor more grateful to belong to the wonderful Marlborough Community.

Geraldine Foley,


Welcome home!

Monday 29th June - welcoming our children back

Rollo's Rambles

Thank you to everyone who came to say hello come rain or shine during our recent Rollo's Rambles. We have really enjoyed catching up, connecting and chatting with each and every one of you. Rollo and Maisy have really missed all of their school friends.

Staff Structure 2020 - 2021

At the time of writing, it is still unclear what September will bring. We are still awaiting news from the Welsh Government on whether we will be able to open fully or will need to continue with a combination of home learning and in-school sessions.

For the first two weeks in September, children will stay in their current classroom with their current teacher (apart from the current Y6). This will allow all of our children to benefit from enhanced transition. Over the two weeks, we will start introducing the children into their new year groups with their new teachers. We would normally have a transition plan in place for the summer term but this year this has not been possible.

From the 3rd week in September onwards we will begin to admit the new Nursery and Reception pupils and all other pupils will begin to transfer to their new classes with their new teachers.

Farewell Year 6

🤍 Saying farewell to Year 6 pupils is always a very difficult time. This year, it is doubly difficult as we have not been able to hold all the rights of passage that would usually mark the end of the children's Marlborough journey.

We are very sorry to see these wonderful children leave Marlborough. It has been such a joy getting to know them over the years and watching them grow and flourish. I wish each and everyone of the children well as they move onto their secondary schools. We shall miss you all. 🤍

End of Year Reports

The Local Authority have asked all schools in Cardiff to write a Summary Report for each pupil this year. Therefore, whilst in lockdown Marlborough staff have been busy writing a slightly shorter, but still comprehensive, version of our usual end of year reports. For all parents who are in contact with class teachers on Seesaw they will receive a copy as a private message on Wednesday the 15th of July. If you are not in direct contact, a copy will be printed and posted directly.

Friday Funday Challenges

I have loved seeing all of the wonderful responses to the Friday Funday challenges. It has certainly brightened up my Fridays.

Story Time with Teachers

Twice a week, Story Time with Teachers videos have been uploaded onto our You Tube site. This is a wonderful way for our pupils to stay connected with school staff. It also takes a bit of pressure off parents struggling to find the time or energy for a bed time story. Thank you to all the staff involved, especially Mr Cociorva for filming and editing.

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