Creative Design Interiors of Nevada December 2016

Starting the day off right

New communities starting soon

  • Briar Ranch by Desert Wind
  • Pine Bluff by Homecrafters
  • Alamo Square by Capstone
  • Warren Way by KDH
  • Sommersett by KDH

December Birthdays

  • Angel Dominguez-Chavez 1-Dec
  • Byron Sullivan 2-Dec
  • Carlos Morales-Hernandez 6-Dec
  • Francisco Cruz 9-Dec
  • Benedicto Mendez 11-Dec
  • Martin Heredia 13-Dec
  • Manuel Garcia 13-Dec
  • Rafael Cordova 14-Dec
  • Hector Torres 15-Dec
  • Julio Vazquez 15-Dec
  • Sergio Moran 17-Dec
  • Juan Armas 19-Dec
  • Esteban Garcia 26-Dec
  • Silvestre Mellin-Arroyo 30-Dec
  • Cenen Ley Reyes 31-Dec

Happy Workiversary!!!

12 years

  • Victor Torres
  • Hector Torres

6 years

  • Luis Vega

3 years

  • Sevastian Barreto

2 years

  • Octavio Izquierdo

1 years

  • Luis Soto
  • Sergio Guzman

Look who joined CDI of Nevada!!!

  • Denise Hernandez
  • Byron Sullivan
  • Luis Velasquez-Florencio
  • Hunter Richardson
  • Ellen Scully
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Gabriel Sommers

Rockstar of the Month Coming Soon!!!!

Getting to know you

Christina Parmele

  • Started with CDI October 10, 2016• Huge into Fantasy football
  • Came from Hospitality background
  • Born and raised in Las Vegas
  • Moved to Reno 3 years ago
  • Has been married for 3 years in
  • o Got married at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado CA,
  • o Has a 10 year old Daughter
  • Things you wouldn’t know unless you ask
  • o Was VIP concierge to Bill Mawr
  • o Has partied with the Denver Broncos
  • Favorite vacation spot!
  • Coronado Inn on Coronado Island
  • 10-year-old daughter
  • Favorite Quote - “Life’s about taking risks and chances if you are ever going to go anywhere”

Important dates coming up

  • Christmas Holiday Observed December 26

Employee Wellness Reimbursement Program coming 2017

Did you know????

  1. Winter solstice 2016 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 2:44 AM on Wednesday, December 21
  2. December 27th is National Chocolate Day
  3. On December 29, 1862, the bowling ball was invented.
  4. Poinsettia Day is on December 12th.
  5. On December 3, 1967, the first heart transplant was completed.
  6. On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first flight.

All about Safety

The ABC's of Safety

By: Ian Ackland

It’s as easy as ABC. From attitude to behavior and commitment, the successful implementation of any type of management system is determined by the characteristics of an organization and its staff.


An individual employee’s attitude towards safety, the environment or customers will determine what they will or won’t do. They need to accept the conditions and constraints of their job or task, even if it seems to them it will take more time. Then, the actions employees take depends on their awareness of what is required, and how it aligns with the overall organizational system.


Workplace behaviors are black and white; they are either safe or unsafe, they meet customer needs or they don’t. Belief systems underpin our behavior, which is influenced by our ‘worldview’ of the organization, and ethical and moral considerations. Behavior is a significant factor in determining a business culture. The way employee behavior is manifested towards customers could well determine whether your business retains those customers.


Many organizations are now moving towards a safety culture. But what does that really mean? It requires a commitment from management and effective communication across the company. Cooperation, collaboration and communication all play a vital role in developing an authentic safety culture.


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