Tiger Quarterly HHS Career and Technical newsletter

Term 1 /2018

Upcoming Important Dates:


23 Report Cards

24 Culinary Advisory

25 ASVAB ( Juniors)

27 ACT


1 PRCC Field Trip

2 ACT Registration Deadline

5 PRCC Assembly

15 Progress Reports

27-29 WorkKeys Testing



19-21 Semester Exams

21 60% Day

A Note from Mr. Brown

CTE Director

Great morning, afternoon, or evening!

My greeting reflects my optimistic state of mind and breathes the feeling that it is always a Great Time to be a Tiger! I am truly fortunate to work with some great people and "for" some great students. That’s right… “FOR" some great students. The educational setting is designed to benefit our students and prepare them for life beyond the K-12 experience. One of our major goals is for our students to graduate with a diploma and industry credentials that will make their choices for their future much easier. Therefore, we have a huge responsibility to ensure we provide our students the best we have to offer. The HPSD CTE program embraces the expectations while inviting parents, community members, business and industry members to partner with us to help face the opportunity. HPSD’s motto of Today’s Learners Tomorrow’s Leaders is what we truly believe in and expect. Thanks in advance for your support. Please enjoy this Fall Issue of our newsletter. Go Tigers!


ACT WorkKeys and AREA Partnerships

ACT WorkKeys

Mr. Brown and Dr. Pierce attended an ACT Work Ready Community meeting as part of a cooperative effort between the Hattiesburg ADP and Pearl River Community College. These institutions are creating a structured process for Forrest and Lamar counties to become a ACT Work Ready Community. "How will this effect Hattiesburg High School?", you may ask. The answer is, "dramatically". We are the first school in the area to begin testing our second year Career and Technical students. All CTE students at HHS will work through the ACT WorkKeys prep curriculum throughout their year one experience. During their second year, students will be tested as part of a collaborative partnership with PRCC. Thirty- six ,Hattiesburg High Students tested during the first nine weeks. The first results were great: reflect: 94% passing rate. We are on our way to being an ACT Work Ready Community. For more information about what it means to be a Work Ready Community checkout this informative article published by HUB CITY SPOKES https://www.hubcityspokes.com/news-hattiesburg-lamar-county-petal/adp-prcc-certify-greater-hattiesburg-act-work-ready-community


Let School Begin!!!

Career and Technical students and program completers starting the 2018-19 school year! Welcome Back.

CTE Program Highlights

Mission Possible

50 Hattiesburg High School CTE juniors were selected to participate in the ADP annual "Mission Possible" event. The ADP hosts the event on both the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University campus's for Hattiesburg area 11th graders. HHS chose to travel to William Carey this year for the event. Our students participated in a campus tour and lectures about college admissions, interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, and motivational topics. The speakers included Dakota Dale from PRCC, Daniel Jayroe and Kari Lynn Besing from the ADP, Alyssa King from WCU, and Timmy Ruhnke from Venture Baptist Church.

Digital Media, Robotics & Engineering, and Construction

Munn Enterprise

Digital Media Technology, Robotics and Engineering, and Construction Trade visited Munn Enterprises's Sign Day. The students and teachers enjoyed touring the facility and seeing all the career opportunities this business needs. It was amazing to see how a sign is made!

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education II class attended open house for the HPSD Early Childhood Center on September 20, 2018. The students had the opportunity to learn strategies to help students cope with stress from death and those who are traumatized from natural disasters.

Robotics & Engineering

Coach Jordan is going over metals ,and how they react to electricity!

CTE Suite News

Isac Hinton: CTE STudent Office Assistant

Isac has been a great help this year as our CTE student office assistant. Keep up the good work!

Health Science, Polymer, and Construction

Lovely demonstrates her new found skill: proper use of a fire extinguisher. Fire safety is an important skills for students that work in lab settings. Construction Trade, Health Science, and Polymer Technology students all completed their training this nine weeks to earn their fire safety certificate. A special shout out to the Hattiesburg Fire Department for assisting our students.

Fire fighters serve our city well. Thanks for spending time with our students this fall. They benefit greatly from your service. We all do!

Students got to explore the fire truck and try on the gear. I think they would make great firemen and women. Go Tigers!

Law and Public Safety

Law and Public Safety Students had the opportunity to watch and learn about Rescue 7. Four crew members from Rescue 7 explained their jobs in detail for all students and let them have a "hands on" experience. Students even had the opportunity to get into the helicopter, touch the equipment, as well as getting on the stretcher. LPS wants to thank Mr. Lindsey Hill and his flight crew for allowing us the chance to see such a great piece of equipment.

Information Technology

HattiesburG CTE department Welcomes Marcus Jordan. He is teaching our rookie program: Informational technology.

Information Technology (CTE) program will prepare students for occupations in the field of computer operations and programming, software applications, web development, and computer repair/installation.

The repair/installation curriculum will cover the basics of computer hardware, software, operating systems, introductory networking while physically learning how to maintenance PCs.

Information Technology students will be given the opportunity to pursue CompTIA STRATA and Microsoft MTA Networking Fundamentals Certifications.

Culinary Arts: StudentsSpeak

Polymer Science

Polymer Science has been busy this first nine weeks learning lab procedures, WorkKeys pretests, and fire safety. Brownlow always has a great float for Homecoming.

Sports Medicine

Brian Maskew's Sports Medicine students are demonstrating how to splint and spine board patients.

Health Science

Health Science students are taking vital signs in their Health Science II.

Construction Trade

Dual Enrollment Electrical

This year CTE has added its first Dual enrollment course. These students are third year CTE students that will be completing course work through Pearl River Community College. Look for these great opportunities when you are considering your course load for next school year!!!

Digital Media Technology

Ms. Evans is introducing Mrs. Nelson's Keystone students to the career pathway of Digital Media Technology. The Digital Media Technology program at Hattiesburg High has broadened its scope of learning; we have taken our classroom on the road. A few of the DMT students are working with the Athletics Department to provide athletic event viewing from any location. Students are currently live streaming Friday Night football games for Tigers fans to see. The team uses equipment handling skills learned in class and hands on learning on site to provide the best quality stream that's possible.

Your College Recruiters and Contact Info.

PRCC: Matthew Miller/ 601-544-5492/mmiller@prcc.edu
William Carey University: Lindsay Knight/601-318-6253/lknight@wmcarey.edu
University of Southern Mississippi: Kayla Weathers/601-266-500/Kayla.Weathers@usm.edu
Sargent Haskins/ Army Recruiter
University of Mississippi: Kalie Kirkland/228-327-6413/kalie@olemiss.edu
Lincoln Tech: Cindy Whitley/601-624-5828/cwhitley@lincoIntech.edu
Alcorn: De'Onqua Isaac/601-786-1135/ deonqua@alcorn.edu
Jackson State University: Wendell Fountain/ 601-979-0360/wendell.l.fountain@jsums.edu
Mississippi State University: Bryson Wallace/601-988-3229/b.wallace@msstate.edu
The W: Kristin Monahan/662-329-7290/kmonahan@muw.edu
Air Force Reserve: MSgt Young Daniel Chambers/601-549-1565/young.chambers@us.af.mil
Mississippi College: Andrew Fehrenbacher/601-925-3254/andrewfehrenbacher@mc.edu
Millsaps College: Myles Melancon/601-974-1257/myles.melancon@millsaps.edu

CTE Support

Left: Jennie Noonkester/Student Service Coordinator Right: Dr. Charish Pierce/CTE Counselor Not pictured: Susan Humphries

Hattiesburg High School Career and Technical Education Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or handicapping conditions in accordance with federal and state law.

Created by Jennie NOonkester

October 12, 2019


Photos by Jennie Noonkester, James Brownlow, and Brian Maskew