The Learning Curve Self-designed exhibit

What will I be testing?

I will be testing out the effects of the learning curve, and see if it will actually work for me. I believe it will, and will improve my test performance. My results will be from comparing my test grades from test 1 and 2 in Nutrition2030. During the period before my second test I will record when, how long, and what, I reviewed that day. I read the chapter covered that day in lecture before class, and reviewed the material for at least 15 minutes after class. I would then review new material 24 hours after each lecture, and would skim over the older material. I would then review each set of material a week from that class, and then another week later. Each time I reviewed the new material I would also quickly review the old material.

The Data

The Results

To show my data I used the weekly planner we received in class. I found this to be the best way to show exactly when I read before class and when I reviewed after. On my first test I recieved a 68. I thought the test were going to be super easy and I could learn all the material in a two day period; I was wrong. After that I realized I was going to need to do something drastically different when I remebered talking about the learning curve in class. This was the best idea ever and I highly encourage anyone to try it. On my second exam I recieved a 96. I was much more prepared and felt veery confindent going into the exam. The second test covered four chapters. I followed through with my plan of reading the chapter the day before class and then reviewing the power points for around thirty minutes directly after class. After lecture #13, the next day I reviewed the notes again for about forty minutes. After lecture 14 I reviewed my notes for thirty minutes directly after class; the next day I reviewed lecture 13 for twenty minutes and lecture 14 for forty. After lecture 15 I again reviewed my notes for thirty minutes directly after class. The following Thursday I reviewed lecture 13 for fifteen minutes, lecture 14 for twenty minutes, and lecture 15 for forty minutes. During all this I continually kept up with reading and did so before each class. Lecture 16 was the last lecture before the test. I reviewed my notes for forty minutes directly after class since I would not have as much time to keep reviewing those notes. The day before the test I reviewed lecture 13 and 14 for twenty minutes, lecture 15 for thirty minutes, and lecture 16 for an hour. My grade on the second exam improved drastically. I ended up making a 96. I am now a big supporter of the learning curve and have used it to study for every exam since.

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