The Monument of Heroes by dylan insley, ryan cole

Initial claim

The non violent protest were successful. the non violent protest worked effectively and efficiently and ending segregation.


All the people evolved in the movement, the stand out and the no stand out people, they all participated in ending segregation. In this time of the Civil Rights era, many people were involved. one of the main things was a situation on a bus. This situation was Claudette Colvin refusing to give up her seat to a white person. this sparked some fire in people's eyes. Colvin was only 15 at the time this happened so things didn't spark too much. When things really started to spark was when Rosa Parks got involved. Since she was older and sat on the bus, it brought more attention because she's more mature and people payed more attention to the situation. When Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move for a white person on the bus, there was a large uproar. People started protesting more and coming out to fg\ight for their rights. Then more people like Martin Luther King Jr, Ralph Albonathy, Bayrd Rustin, and many other rose up to the fight. In hand leading many big movements like the Washington and Selma March, and forming multiple foundations. One of the most iconic being the S.N.C.C.

Addintional Claims

Segregation would not have ended without nonviolent protest.

Additional Evidence

If people violently protested then people would have seen the protesters as bad people and not have ended segregation. With the nonviolent protests it showed people that the African Americans were't bad people and that they should have rights. The marches and bus sitting and other violent protest showed they meant no harm and had good intentions for getting their rights

Putting It Togeather

So the monument would have to the main people of the movements like MLK and others holding the Declaration of Independence and saying "Thank you for all you have done and none of you will go unnoticed."

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