The gender pay gap And how To stop it! By vInce freddo

Throughout the United States of America, women are treated unfairly and denied their rights each day that they were promised by the constitution. Women are denied equal pay each day especially women of color. In 1963 the equal pay act of all people was created but overall has not thrived throughout the years and hasn't been accomplished according to numbers today. Not only is equal pay being denied from women but their Human rights are being denied as well. According to research, in the United States women that are Latina or African American receive 55 to 65 cents of the dollar that every white men makes. (Washington 2016). That is almost half of what white men make which is unbelievable. Even if they work the same job and same hours as men they will still make almost half of what the men receive. 42 million women in the country are crawling towards the poverty line each day because of the decrease in pay compared to men across the country. (aauw 2016)This can cause families to become sick and to not be able to afford health care and education. Although there are many rights being denied from women, there are hundreds of organizations and protests around the country that are fighting for the rights that women deserve.

There are many strategies that people use to try and solve the problem of non equal pay and for the rights of all women. One organization that I will be focusing on is iwpr. This organization focuses on the equality of blacks, women, the poor, the disabled and many other minority groups. They have hosted several events to help make a change to these problems. In 2014 on October 14, they held an event that would address the challenges that women face. In this event they interested media and the congressional staff on the needs for women's income equality and the security and health protection of all women even of color. (Iwpr 2014). Eventually the media could get out to the people and address the problems with our government and make people want to strive for equal rights and pay. On the down side, there hasn't been any laws or changes in how women are treated with their human rights and equal pay. However, this problem can be diminished in our country if we take action and take future steps to make a change.

There are several future steps that our society can accomplish to help make a difference in how women are treated throughout the country. With the advanced technology we have today, we can post facts and numbers to people on social media about how women aren't being treated fairly at all compared to men. Some people might like that we do this some may hate it but it's worth the try overall. We can start peaceful protests in local cities and towns by gathering a large group of people that would like to participate in it. This will get around to others if it was to be shared on social media and would maybe encourage people across the country to do the same. In conclusion the fact that some women are almost paid half what men make is horrible but can we stopped if we make a difference today in our county.





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