Switzerland By Frank maRchesi


Switzerland is located in the Eastern hemisphere and the Northern hemisphere.
The countries around Switzerland are Italy, France, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and the coordinates for Bern are 47 degrees north and 7 degrees east.

Physical Characteristics

Switzerland is located in the temperature zone. It is located between the Tropic of Capricorn and the polar zone.
The Swiss Alps in an important part in Switzerland because many people go their. Also it is 15,781 feet tall. Lake Geneva covers half of Switzerland and it plays an important part because many people go their. Lake Neuchâtel is 429m and it is 1,407 feet above sea level and it is the only one in Switzerland.


Switzerland has a medium population and the world rank is 97th. Switzerland's density is 504 people square mile. It is crowed because many people go their. Their density rank is 67th. Switzerland has a fast growth rate of 78% per year and the fertility rate is 1.54 children.
these are some of the biggest cites in Switzerland. First is Zurich and there population is 341,730 people. Next is Geneva and their population is 188,634 people. Next is Basel and there population is 165,041 people. Next Lausanne and there population is 129,902. Last is Bern and there population is 126,598 people.
Switzerland is a rural place and it is 26.09% of land and trees and mountains.
Switzerlands migrants are 5.43. 1,000 people are entering and leaving switzerland. They are leaving for a better life and better jobs, and salary.


Switzerland is a developed country because it as a high leteracy rate of 99% and the life expectancy is 82.39% and the GDP is $54,800 and that is high for a country. The reason is because so many people go their.


The main language's in Switzerland is German, French, Ltalian, Serbo- Croatian, Albanian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Romansch, and other languages. The main religions in Switzerland are Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslin, and Christian.
Switzerland has many sports .Schwingen, skiing, canyoning, and hockey. In the first sport they are wrestling and trying to beat up their opponents. The next sport is canyoning and in this sport they have to walk, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming. Next is skiing and this is one of their winter games in Switzerland and what you do is glide on snow. In ice hockey they try to get the puck in the goal to win and that is some of the games in Switzerland.

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