Student Affairs Leadership and Service Awards Lebanon Valley College Celebration 2020

Individual Student LEadership Awards

First-year Student Leaders of the Year

  • Jenna Aviles
  • Emily Beil
  • Bella Calderone
  • Stephen Coleman
  • Madeline Grisbacher
  • Jamar Gordon
  • Andrew Miles
  • Yeika Pizarro Rodriguez
  • Dain Vallie

Awarded to first-year students who most notably demonstrated initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership within the College.

Graduating Student Leaders of the Year

  • Madeline Abbot
  • Madalyn Adams
  • Maddie Dietz
  • Tristan Ferguson
  • Nicole Flohr
  • Tatianna Garcia
  • Ben Hoffman
  • Trevor Holak
  • TJ Holdredge
  • Justin Lytle
  • Elliot Miller
  • Malia Waltman
  • Brendan Ward
  • Kyle West

Awarded to graduating seniors who have contributed the most to Lebanon Valley College through campus involvement and leadership over their time as students.

Student Leaders of the Year

  • Kodee Bair
  • Khalil Brim
  • Emily Frazier
  • Tatyanna Fuller
  • Bailey Harper
  • Hannah Heagerty
  • Brandon Kemmery
  • Allison Liu
  • Fatima Madondo
  • Madison Maloney
  • Leila May
  • Lisa Orlando
  • Ethan Pizzo
  • Hadassah Polydore
  • Zach Renninger
  • Julia Resele
  • Julia Seltzer
  • Kayla Spiller
  • Amber Stamm
  • Daymond Zweizig

Awarded to sophomores and juniors who, by both action and accomplishment in co-curricular life, have created positive expansion within a student organization and its student membership, as well as contributed to the overall quality of student life.

Mosaic Mentors

  • Kyle West
  • Madeline Abbot
  • Tatianna Garcia
  • Deacon Maxwell Johnson

Mosaic Mentors provide direct and dedicated peer support to incoming and transfer ALANA, Multicultural Fellowship, LVEP, international, and LGBTQ+ identifying students. Mentors assist students with their academic, social, and personal transition during their first year at LVC.

Student organization awards

Student Organization or Group of the Year

  • Student Programming Board
  • Black Student Union
  • Disciple Makers
  • 5050 Peer Helpers
  • Student Government
  • SAAC
  • LVC Dance Team

Awarded to the student organization or group which has made an outstanding contribution to Lebanon Valley College and our surrounding community through programming, outreach, and collaboration during the academic year.

Program of the Year

  • DiscipleMakers Thursday Night Gathering
  • Dutchman Dance-Off
  • Goodwill But Free
  • Sober Tailgate
  • Walls of Poverty

Awarded to the program or activity which has most enhanced student life (socially, culturally, and/or academically) during the academic year.

Residential Life

Outstanding Programmers of the Year Award

  • Daryn Ebersol
  • Evelyn Velazquez

This award honors the Resident Assistants who consistently conducted exemplary programming throughout the academic year.

Outstanding Community Builders of the Year Award

  • Alex Bloch
  • Hannah Heagerty

This award honors the Resident Assistants who were successful in building a tremendously strong community through dedication, persistence, and strong programmatic efforts.

Outstanding First-year Resident Assistant of the Year: Tyler Vokes

This award honors the Resident Assistant who quickly embraced their role and served with dedication, enthusiasm, and inquisitive interest.

Outstanding Returning Resident Assistant of the Year: Mikaela Koenig

This award honors the returning Resident Assistant who has displayed dedication, strong leadership, and exemplary role model behavior among the Resident Assistant staff.

The Director’s Choice Award: Maddie Dietz

This award honors a Resident Assistant who has done an outstanding job in all aspects of the position. They have exceeded expectations in multiple areas while overcoming many unexpected challenges. This person has been one of the most consistent, reliable, and dependable RAs throughout the entire year.

Community service & Volunteerism Awards

Gold Community Service Award Winners

  • Ryan Bibeau
  • Sarah Bruchey
  • Allyson Butz
  • Sara Burns
  • Rachel Camaligan
  • Madison Dietz
  • Sarah Durham
  • Gina Ebersole
  • Kayla Glant
  • Rayanne Hawk
  • Jessica Katzenberger
  • Rachel Long
  • Allison Liu
  • Samantha Machin
  • Alexandra Robey
  • Dayshalee Rosario Cruz
  • Brandon Roy
  • Kaylee Scheirer
  • Ashley Steiner
  • Jordan Woodward

These awards are presented to students who have completed more than 100 hours of community service and have also completed a three-day residential service project, or have completed more than 250 hours of community service.

Sigma alpha Pi

Outstanding Service to Sigma Alpha Pi

  • Kodee Bair
  • Kelsey Bouder
  • Bridgett Finn
  • Jess Katzenberger
  • Joelle McKeever
  • Braydon Shuck
  • Lindsey Zulkosky

Awarded to the individuals who contributed the most to furthering the mission of LVC’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi: The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Many thanks to all of our student leaders, all of your hard work and dedication makes Lebanon Valley College what it is today! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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