S.M.A.R.T Timothy Porras jr.

S. I want to purchase a 2017 Pachuco front end for my motorcycle it cost $2,199.95!

M. Every six months I 'm going to check my status on my funds and ensure im not spending money on items that I don't need.

A. This is obtain able with in my time frame because I know what I am capable of and i even believe i can accomplish it even faster.

R. This is realistic because it not the most expensive one on the market but its nor the most the least. But it is the one with the best quality and ensure of safety.

T. The time will fly when the clock starts to tick. Yet, I know this time line I've made up for myself the events will fall into place.

S.This is the second goal in my life. Its a custom Harley Davidson custom dirt bike it cost 9,000 to be fabricated.

M. This goal will take about 6 years or less to accomplish but, every year I'm going to gather my fund to where i can reach the price of a salvaged model that is still in working condition.

A.This project will be attained within 6 years or less.

R .I've rebuilt several motorcycles in the past and this is my next project that last one cost me around 6,000 USD and this one is the next step.

T. This is a big step for me in the world of customization and the time frame i have created is one that i can achieve.

S. To save enough money for when I turn 18 I can buy this rifle which is a 30 30 mg Winchester rifle.

M. I'm going to save my birthdays money till then and save all my quarters and each month I'm going to calculate my totals.

A. This is gonna have to be wait till I'm 18.

R. Its realistic but kinda not. Until I'm 18 years old.

T.With the time line I've set up it should be obtained.


Created with images by Couleur - "light bulb pear light" • PreciousBytes - "1941 Harley-Davison Knucklehead "Chopper" Custom (2013 Racv Motorclassica)"

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