Mars Mission Plan By: Judith monrreal garcia

12/12/2016 Period/8 Geo-space


In October 15 2020, at 2 pm, my mars mission will start. It will take place in Florida because it's closer to the equator. The goal of the mission is to determine whether humans can live on mars. It would take at least 3 years. The astronauts will be exploring new things. We are hoping to find new tings in mars that can give us more of a clue of what is really happening up there. We want to know weather we have a future on mars or not.

Crew Selection

The crew will have 4 astronauts. First it would be William, he is smart and has been training for several years. Second would be Rolando he got a major in biology. Third, is Mike. He is the one that knows the most about engineering. And the last one would be Randy, he has a bachelors in physical science.

William's job is to control the ship because he will be the main pilot. Rolando is the biological researcher of the ship. Mike is the engineer of the main ship. Randy's job is to be the geologist.Before this crew goes into space they have to learn several things and train a lot. They have to learn about medical procedures. You will also need to learn different languages in case you have to contact other countries while on space. They have to practice how to be without gravity so they go into a room with zero gravity, that room is also known as the Weightless Wonder

Space Travel

The basic objective for any spacecraft launch is to achieve a speed of 17,500 mph. The spacecraft is made out of design. The design would include Crew Module, ATV- based service module, and Launch abort system.To prevent the crew from the dangers of long distance space travel they can exercise everyday. Excising will prevent them from harmful radiation.

They need to have the spacecraft made out of some chemical so they can protect them from radiation.Current spacecraft technology includes passive shielding, which involves the use of physical materials to create a barrier between astronauts and radiation. in order for them to help them when they arrive to Mars they should they have pressurized suites. They should also take some equipment to test the weather and test the oxygen and the gravity.

Living On Mars

The astronauts will be in a habitat with extreme cold, low pressure, and high radiation. The habitat may be placed underground which helps solve some problems but creates new difficulties. You'd enjoy about seven months of spring, six months of summer, a little more than five months of fall and only about four months of winter.

They would have to build a greenhouse in order to get oxygen underground. They will have to built a green house that helps them get energy, supplies and more oxygen under water. In order for them to gain energy and help them survive they will need to bring some food. The food would have to be frozen and tested so it can be in space for a long time. The food has to be frozen so ti wont get rotten. Some experiments they would have to do when they get to mars would be to examine the climate, the water and the environment.

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