MARVELLOUS LES MISERABLES | We have a bout of ‘the blues’, not just because the half term holiday is a distant memory, but because there are no more Les Misérables shows to marvel over! Last week, their busy opening night was followed by two full auditorium audiences. It was, of course, sold out for a reason – it was fabulous!

The minimalist staging (thank you PA) set the 19th Century French scene in The Byre Theatre. Jack Boag played the part of French peasant Jean Valjean wonderfully, taking us on his emotional and harrowing journey of redemption. Beautiful live music accompanied every scene, heightening the drama, emotion and passion present on stage. Sterling performances were given by all the cast members. A truly difficult production to master, but our talented St Leonards students achieved it with ease by working extremely hard to become their character, giving it their all.

Thank you to Mrs Ledger, Mrs Love and their wonderful cast and crew for the successful transformation ‘from page to stage’. There have been rave reviews flooding into the school – we are so proud of our ability and presence on that stage. We are not quite sure how this year’s performances can be topped, but we wait in great anticipation! Until then, here are some stills from the Byre stage.


RUN CLUB | Ever spotted school sports strips and high vis bibs whizzing past around the St Andrews town? Introducing the St Leonards Running Club. Formed many years ago as an after school activity, this tradition lives on and so does the demand - it is open to any year group in the Senior School and Sixth Form. Running routes change with the seasons - in the winter months, the group stick to the pavements and use torches; running and following the pavement proves to be testing at times but it is half the fun! When the group train in daylight, they explore different scenic routes and run along our beautiful St Andrews beaches. The aim of the club is to meet with fellow running lovers, improve overall fitness and appreciate our spectacular surroundings! All are welcome – speak to Mrs Radons-Harris & Mrs Struck for more information if you would like to ‘run along’! A session normally consists of a slow warm up run, some fast/ slow repeats on the beach and a scenic running route, taking in the views as you go. Two weeks ago marked the first Running Club meet of the year without requiring torches. Long may it continue!


ASSOCIATE RESEARCHER | Every year we choose a PhD student from St Andrews University to fill our Associate Researcher position. They assist our pupils with their Theory of Knowledge studies by guiding them on research, running a series of lectures and acting as a point of contact within the University for our students. This academic year, we are pleased to announce our newly appointed Associate Researcher, Flaminia Incecchi. Currently a first year PhD student in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews, she has studied the IB at the Rome International School and has previous experience tutoring students in Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy, Italian Literature and Spanish.

Year 12 will experience a series of four lectures as well as tutorials in smaller groups – the set-up reflective of how lectures run at university. These start next week and will run into the summer term, fitting in well with the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) programme and the start of the Extended Essay preparation. Flaminia will focus her lectures around her PhD, looking at the representation of Art through war, as well as informing pupils about research best practice.

Flaminia is passionate about the IB diploma programme and looks forward to being more involved at St Leonards: “The IB thoroughly shaped the way I approach learning. The elasticity of mind it provided me allowed my pursuit of an interdisciplinary academic path. The IB, and TOK in particular, taught me how to think for myself, and not to readily accept information, regardless of their source. I wish to provide St Leonards students with the skills I have learnt – the ability to think critically and independently, as well as the perspective of a researcher”. We are very excited to experience the lectures later this term and look forward to welcoming her.


Did you hear about the Year 8 Debate? This all day extravaganza took place a few weeks ago. It was a cross-curricular project between the English and History departments and resulted in our Year 8 boys and girls researching the chosen theme, ‘The Crusades’. Workshops and training games worked well throughout the day, led by The St Andrews University Debating Society. Guest speakers were then introduced, including Rev John Duncan CBE, on reconciling Christian faith with army combat, Mr Crisswell on pacifism, and university debater Isabelle Bousquette on Man's inherently violent nature. All of our debaters participated with purpose and enjoyed their action packed day. The winners on the day were Oscar Morris, James Drever, Archie Clarke, Jennifer Cousins, Sophie Cole Hamilton, Zoe Meacham, Ailsa Blyth, Nico Swales, Anna Clark and Isla Thomson - all smiling as you can see, as they were rewarded with chocolates and certificates for their efforts! Further commendation to Oscar Morris and Sophie Cole Hamilton for being the 'Best Speakers' and to Ailsa Blyth and James Drever for being awarded 'Best Debaters'. Some natural debaters have now been spotted. Calling all Year 8s - If this event has helped you discover your love for debating, why not join the St Leonards Debating Club - ask your tutor for more details.


INTER TEAM TALENT | Just before half term, an array of brilliant acts graced the School Hall stage for the Inter-House Talent Show – a fantastic way to start the holiday. Three Sixth Formers made up the judging panel and watched dance acts, singing performances, sporty comedy sketches, raps and more from both pupils and even a special appearance duet from Mr Baxter and Mr Sheills. The best and winning performance chosen on the night was Catherine Fleming (Year 9), dancing her own choreographed sequence "Nightmare". The judges were impressed by her ‘creativity, ability and energy’. Her conviction and confidence on the floor made it a unanimous decision that she had the ‘X-Factor’ and should be crowned this year’s winner. This meant that Abbey Park was first place, St Leonards Fields placed second, followed by St Nicholas in third. Congratulations to our winner and everyone who took part. What a talented bunch!


1st XII

SATURDAY LACROSSE | Our Lacrosse ladies battled it out on the pitch against Loretto earlier this month, playing well for the school. Our Year 9 and 10 teams travelled to Musselburgh, while our Year 8 and 1st XII played at home. Congratulations in particular to our home fixtures: the 1st XII who won 7- 6, and Year 8 squad, who drew 7-7. Both teams demonstrated great determination and strength throughout their matches, finishing the day with smiles as you can see...(a bit like the wonderful Scottish Rugby Team after their Saturday fixture)!

Year 9 team

Some photos from last Saturday afternoon's lacrosse matches at home to Glenalmond below. A testing and difficult afternoon, results wise, but we are ready to return stronger for our next matches against Fettes, this weekend.


GALLERY TRIP | Earlier this month, Year 10 – 12 art students travelled to Edinburgh to visit the National Galleries of Scotland. The trip was a great success with students admiring British artist Joan Eardley’s Exhibition, ‘A Sense of Place’. The weather outside contrasting strongly with the vibrancy and energy of Eardley’s work. Our students described each room of the exhibition as captivating and distinctive, showcasing separated work from each part of her career. From central Glasgow in the 1950s, focusing mainly on portraits and tenements to countryside and seascapes in Caterline, a remote fishing village near Aberdeen. Our artists were surprised by the wide range of mediums used in her pieces including pastel and chalk. They also felt the title of the exhibition reflected her work very well as Eardley clearly knew both of her chosen areas extremely well and they became her ‘Sense of Place’. This is conveyed in the level of detail in her pieces and the small areas from which she derived inspiration.

Year 10 using their experience of the Eardley exhibition as a source of inspiration for a painting project, using the title of the exhibition ‘A Sense of Place’ as their muse. We are counting down the days until the annual St Leonards Art Exhibition!


ACT KIND | It was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ in the Senior School at the start of February. Special assemblies were led by guest speakers, pupils participated in class workshops and an information stand was manned in the foyer of the CDR by Emma Legge, Lead MC nurse. The purpose of this initiative has been to reduce the stigma and fear surrounding mental illness and also encourage us to consider and strengthen the protective factors which help to keep us well. In the Junior School, a similar theme was echoed. ‘Spread a Little Kindness Week’ encouraged children to treat others as you would like to be treated. Pupils learnt that generosity of spirit towards others, compassion and thoughtfulness create a happy school community. Our boys and girls decorated a 'Kindness Wall' at the pupil entrance, documenting their random acts of kindness and adding pictures of an inspirational characters. The result: random acts of kindness will long continue at St Leonards – thank you to everyone who contributed this week!


EXPERIMENT RECYCLE | Year 9 Chemists have been exploring inventive ways to teach their peers about metal recycling processes! Each group taught one lesson on a specific topic. The group pupils who were leading the lesson arranged the class into ‘different components’ of a recycling plant. These selected ‘components’ shown here, were acting as ‘ferrous and nonferrous metals’ which were being shredded, sorted and baled (placed in the bins!) along a production line by other members of the class! Surely this interactive introduction shall make them never forget how recycle properly!


Last year's 3rd place prize for George Rees - National Final of Rotary Young Photographer of the Year

Following George Rees' (Year 12) amazing success last year, Art and English have joined forces to enter the 2017 Young Photographer and Young Writer competitions, both sponsored by the Rotary Club. Last year was the first time St Leonards entered the Young Photographer competition and we were delighted that George was awarded 3rd place in the National final, with his three terrific photographs entitled, “ Beautiful World”. Young Photographer and Young Writer are National Competitions first judged at local level, then district level and finally at a National level, so we have already done wonderfully well and are keen to submit St Leonards entries again for 2017. The theme of this year’s competition for both the written and photographic component is “Reflection”, a theme open to so many interpretations! The judges will be looking for imagination, content and technical skill in both categories. We are positive that our students can rise to this challenge! Young Photographers are asked to produce a portfolio of three digital photographs on the theme and our Young Writers a written or typed story in prose entitled “Reflection”. The deadline for entries is Monday, 6 March, and this is open to everyone in the Senior School and Sixth Form. Please contact Miss Rae for further details. Good luck!


PHOTOGRAPHER PRIZE | 16 year old George Rees has also been rather successful in another photography competition. He was awarded the Young Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017 title for his black white image of ‘East Lomond Rock’ taken in the Lomond Hills, in Fife. The winners of each category have their work showcased to a global audience as well as in an exhibition, book, calendar and postcards. George is delighted to have won and looks forward to the opportunities this award has opened up for him.


MODEL UNITED NATIONS | Every year, St Leonards takes part in MUN (Model United Nations). MUN is a simulation of the United Nations where selected students in Year 10, 11 and 12 take on a role as a delegate of a specific Member State in a committee such as Health, Human Rights, Environment, EcoSoc, Political, Media, Disarmament, or the Security Council. This year the St Leonards MUN team is representing Senegal. Students prepare in the weeks leading up to the main conference – a weekend where schools meet to discuss their pre-determined topics and come up with resolutions to solve these global issues. Skills include debating, resolution writing and lobbying.

Year 12 student and newly appointed prefect Beatrix Livesey-Stephens tells us about her involvement in MUN and gives a little insight to one of the topics allocated: “This is my third year participating in MUN for St Leonards and I love being a part of it and exploring the different topics we are allocated and formulating resolutions each year for our different countries. So far, researching this African country has proved difficult, due to the lack of accessible information and viewpoints on specific issues. This year, one of the pre-determined topics in my Human Rights committee this year is Gender Identity, which I find very interesting. While writing a resolution for this from the point of view of Senegal, I learnt the country's view of transgenderism/non-binary identities because the Senegalese government criminalises homosexuality and does not give much thought to transgenderism/non-binary identities at all, however the population generally disapproves. This very much clashes with my LGBT opinion, so having to question my own beliefs and principles, while playing ‘devil's advocate’, has been a very interesting experience for me.”

Good luck to Bea and her MUN teammates who are attending the conference weekend at George Watsons College on Friday 10th March: Ruaridh Angus, Rosie Banks, Liam Tooman, Rudy Newton, Beatrix Livesey Stephens, Jack Boag, Elizaveta Fishman, Emma Hamilton, Elizabeth Crockatt, Megan Andrews, Matthew Bruce, Natanel Gottlieb, Hannah Woods


SCHOOL RULE | Many congratulations to the St Leonards Senior School Office Bearers who have been selected for 2017/2018. The positions of responsibility have been announced and since half term, have taken over their roles. The current cohort of Senior Prefects and Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl have now stepped down from their duties to enable them to concentrate on their revision and upcoming final exams in May. Thank you again to Justus Imkampe, Linsey Scott, Rory Marston, Anthony White, Ines Hayward-Daventry and Lucie Galloway as well as our team of prefects.

Well done to the following newly appointed school ambassadors: Congratulations to our new Head Girl, Elizabeth Crockatt and Head Boy, Jamie Macaulay. Deputy Head Girls: Catriona Cleary and Noor Jarigsma. Deputy Head Boys: Ryan Millar and Moritz Nave.

Congratulations also to our selected Senior Prefects and Prefects for the next academic year. Senior Prefects: Megan Andrews, Amber Edmiston, Sheenie Hung, Ilona Maclean, Livia Plaumann, Georgia Rubidge, Jack Boag, Yaroslav Chechel, Ben Caton, Jan Friebe, Max Palm, and Zhong Xing Zheng.

Prefects: Corey Cargill, Lauren Galloway, Li Rong Hou, Mary-Lou Jansen, Bea Livesey-Stevens, Iona Purvis, Matthew Bruce, Pol Berge, George Rees, Ryan Stuart and Charlie Webb.


LEADERSHIP DINNER l A sumptuous and sophisticated feast has been held to thank the team of Senior Prefects who have helped lead St Leonards this past year. Hosted by Headmaster Dr Carslaw and his wife Nicola, the dinner was an opportunity for the St Leonards leaders to get together before making way for the new 'team at the top'. Before the banquet, the students did a spot of networking, led by recruitment specialist Annabel Lindsay and after dinner there were speeches, laughter and a few tears of nostalgia, as students gave speeches, reflecting on their time at school and looking forward to their future.

'Mocktail' Party | Senior staff and Sixth Form tutors have also said a special thank you to the outgoing prefects, heads of houses, and captains of sports and clubs for their sterling work for St Leonards over the past year. The occasion, held at The Adamson in St Andrews, was hosted by Headmaster Dr Carslaw and Deputy Headmaster Dr Jackson-Hutt. Thank you to our 2016-17 top team. Now to focus on revision for their final exams in May.


YEAR 10 PARENTS COFFEE | Mrs Pemberton-Hislop and Mr Durward hosted a successful coffee morning for our Year 10 parents in Bishopshall earlier this month. Stay tuned for more coffee breaks in our beautiful newly renovated boarding house.


PRESS DIARY | St Leonards has its very own ‘School Diary’ being published in The Citizen and Fife Herald, featuring every third Friday. Keep an eye out for our next diary in the Friday, 10 March editions and catch up on school stories!


BREAKFAST & SUPPER| Thank you to the families who joined us for our Breakfast taster before the half term holidays. The clubs have officially started and day pupils are now able to come early for breakfast and stay late for supper, joining our boarders. If you are interested in booking your son or daughter in for either, or want further information, please contact Laura Paterson, our catering manager, on by Friday at 12pm for bookings for the next week.


MAKE A CONNECTION | Thank you to everyone who has attended so far. This week's event in Newport and last week's at The Byre Theatre proved to be good opportunities for current and prospective parents to mingle. We still have the following drinks receptions taking place (above) and we would be delighted to welcome you and a friend.

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