The Haven Legacy Project My practicum experience Part 2

Self Reflection

This creative practice blog provides a few sketches that I have done so far over the course of my practicum. The sketches below are some of the recent products that were replicated through photographs. One of the sketches (see second picture) is still in development as I have been "oscillating" from sketching to facilitating activities.

Sketch 1
Original photograph of Sketch 1
Sketch 2 (in development)

Lately, I have been improvising my sketches by asking families to bring jewelry pieces that would not only signify a special relationship with the patient, but would also bring life and individuality towards the sketches. For example, the second hand sketch was an elderly male patient with renal failure who was holding a pearl rosary that his wife made. Since he was a priest, I felt that the rosary represented his passion for his faith and continuous service. Thus, I have been trying to add more individuality and significance towards the sketches.


For the sketches, I used mixed media paper along with soft and medium compressed charcoal pencils. I made sure to add darker values (shading) in order to create the wrinkles and fine lines. I also incorporated a variety of "spots" and shades that resembled discoloration.


In summary, I have noticed my ability to progress in my artwork along with my ability in facilitating art activities with patients over the last 2-3 weeks. I now see how I am able to consistently set professional boundaries with patients by reminding myself of my scope of practice. Thus, I believe it is important for me to make sure that all of my work represents that of an artist in residence from the University of Florida.

Previous Photographs

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"Sensitive touch" by Reema B and Joyce P

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