Bullying-Race; Disabled ERick Frausto

What role do disabilities play in bullying and how will this impact an individuals/groups functionality in society?

How much more do disabled children get bullied than normal kids?

Although only a few test have been conducted between bullying and disabled kids, all test showed that a disabled kid was more likely to get bullied than a non disabled kid. one study shows that 60% of students with disabilities report getting bullied in a regular bases compared with 25% of all students. One reporting shows that 40 percent of children with autism and 60 percent with Asperger's syndrome have experience bullying. All these test shows that a kid with disabilities report getting bullied more than a kid without disabilities. http://www.pacer.org/bullying/resources/stats.asp

How does getting bullying affect a child's development?

Getting bullied can lead to many things. For example, "Bullying can lead to physical injury, social problems, emotional problems, and even death." (www.nichd.nih.gov). As shown in this quote bullying can lead to some serious stuff. It could affect on their performance at school or even at home. It can get them in a state that nothing matters to them. Children that are exposed to bullying have a higher chance of having academic problems. Another way that it can affect a child's development is by ending up having violent actions towards other. Getting bullied in a young age can make their futures bad. Bad as in having problems in there personal life. https://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/bullying/conditioninfo/pages/health.aspx

How does bullying affect a society?

Bullying mainly affects the people that are being bullied but that does not mean that it can not affect the society or the people that witness it. It has been shown that people that witness the bullying happening have a higher chance of using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. If the person is already using it, it says that they could increase the usage of them. Another way that people witnessing the bullying can get affected by it is by them having a higher chance of getting into mental health problems or increasing in depression and anxiety. One last problem that the children witnessing bullying could experience is missing school more constant. All this shows how bullying not only affects the people getting bullying but also affects the people around them. https://www.stopbullying.gov/at-risk/effects/

How does bullying affect an individual?

Bullying can affect an individual in so many ways. A way that an individual can be affected by bullying is by not being able to concentrate in class. Not being able to concentrate in class ends up leading up to having bad grades and that ends up messing up your future. So not being able to concentrate in class has a huge affect on an individual. Another way that an individual can be affected by bullying id by them feeling lonely which can sometimes lead to suicide. Once a person ends up thinking about suicide shows how bad bullying can affect someone. Affects them so much that they think about taking their own life. Bullying affects an individual in a really bad way. https://www.barnardos.ie/resources-advice/young-people/teen-help/bullying/how-does-bullying-affect-people.html


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