Using Personal Values to Set Short and Long-Term Goals common exhibit for learning outcome #6

When I first began this activity, I was overwhelmed with all the choices it seemed like I had to make in a short amount of time. As a sorted through each value some meant more to me than others and it was easy to see why they went into the categories they went into. For other values I really had to think.
Eliminating values kind of felt bad and getting it down to a list of the top ten really made me break the cateogories down a little differently in my mind. I considered Very Important to Me to be the things that are important for me to have as an individual. Important to me became things i want to share with other people and Not Important to Me became things i almost actively don't seek.
When it finally came down to selecting my core value for the day it felt like i didn't have anything good left to pick from. It felt like i eliminated all the good ones early on and was left with things that almost felt superficial. I do think all the things i have up here, Sexuality, Family, and Acceptance are important to me.


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