Pet Health & Lifestyle Survey 2020 by Petmania. Leading Irish Pet Retailer.

Research commissioned by Royal Canin in 2018 shows that 3 in 5 Dogs are overweight. Up to 40% of cats are above their ideal weight.

If your pet develops obesity it will shorten its life expectancy and can lead to long term health issues like arthritis, ligament damage or cardio-respiratory problems.

Operation TransPAWmation returns to Petmania this February and March and this year we are asking Pet Owners to think about the #HealthierHabits they could introduce to help prevent their dogs and cats from gaining excess weight.

Throughout December 2019 & January 2020 Petmania invited dog and cat owners to share details about their pet's lifestyle.

These are the results.

312 Total Respondents, of which 196 (62%) have a dog, 30 (10%) have a cat and 87 (28%) have a dog and a cat.


Body Condition Scoring is a visual examination of the pet's body and ranks it on a scale from 1-9. A healthy BCS is 4 or 5. Severely under or overweight pets (1,2,8,9) will require veterinary care.

  • Less than half (46%) of the respondents knew what an ideal Body Condition Score for their pet should be.
  • Of those that were aware of the ideal score (4 or 5 on a 1-9 scale), only 64% said that their dog was at an ideal level while 77% believed their cat to be ok.

Petmania's #HealthierHabits recommend a weight check every 3 months

  • Only 57% of respondents have weighed their dog in the last 3 months, while 47% of cats have weighed in the same period.
  • 8% respondents say that they are unsure of when they last weighed, or have never, checked their dog’s weight.
  • 30% are unsure when their cat was last weighed, if it has been at all


Regular exercise is vital for a dog's physical and mental health. Depending on the breed, some dogs will need 2+ hours of exercise every day.

  • 18% Respondents said their dog gets less than 30 minutes of exercise each day
  • 4% admitted that their dog gets no exercise
  • Walking remains the most popular form of exercise with 88% of respondents saying that their dog is walked every day.
  • 63% said that their dog enjoys some interactive play each.

#HealthierHabits encouraging cat's to get active

when asked what their cat spends their days doing, respondents ranked their activity. Encouraging natural instincts to Jump, Hunt and Climb will keep your cat moving.

  1. Sleeping
  2. Observing
  3. Jumping
  4. Grooming
  5. Scratching
  6. Eating
  7. Hunting
  8. Climbing
  9. Hiding

Food & Treats

Preventing weight gain in pets requires the same commitment to calorie control as humans do, balancing your pet's calorie intake with their energy use.

  • 28% respondents do not measure their dog’s meals and choose to free pour, while 63% Free pour their cat’s food and use no measuring tools
  • 16% respondents give treats because their dog begs or is hungry while that number increases to 36% for cats.
  • 39% respondents give dog treats 2 or more times each day


  • 75% of respondents said their dog, and 91% of cat owners said that their pet has been neutered.
  • 58% Dogs spend 3+ hours alone each day, while for cats this figure is 91%
  • 57% of cats live indoors with 7% exclusively outdoors. 36% share their time between indoor and outdoors, but sleep indoors.
  • 28% of dogs and 17% of cats share their owner’s bed
  • 41% dog owners asked live in the country while 72% of cat owners live in urban areas

Bring your dog or cat to Petmania during February and March 2020 for a FREE Weight and Body Condition Score Check, pick up your FREE booklet containing a food diary, exercise hints and tips, suggested #HealthierHabits and exclusive discounts! PLUS! Your dog or cat will go into a draw to WIN 3 months food from Royal Canin!


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