Freedom for India By: Shawn Doran

To my fellow citizens, we cannot take this any longer. We have been at the bottom for far too long. We need to spark something so we aren't treated like peasants any longer. We are done being treated like the younger sibling. We need to fight back, but in a civil matter. No bombs, no guns, no nukes, just peaceful protesting.

We need to have civil acts of disobedience. Whatever they do to you, you do not retaliate. Take their punishments, their beatings, whatever they do to you, you do not react. It will just give them fuel, making the whole situation worse.

My plan is to slowly but surly start making moves that will show them that we want to pull away. We will no longer be buying silk from Britain. They have an unreasonable amount of money place on the things they sell to us. They say they want to help but are they really helping by giving us goods and making us pay a ridiculous amount of money for them? My idea is that we start making our own clothes. That way they can't jip us out of our money and we still have clothes for more than half the cost.

They also think it is okay to tax the salt? I say it isn't fair. We need to march 240 miles along the coast. There is free salt that we don't have to pay for. As well along the way we will gather many more people on our side and make it so we become even more powerful and the British can't do anything besides give in and let us have our independence.

My whole life I have been discriminated, put at the bottom, felt like dirt. The British make us feel this way so that we think that we need them, but in reality, their just screwing up our whole culture. We can rule ourselves, we don't need another country to boss us around and tell us what to do. We are able to rule ourselves, we just need to show them

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