Kenya Day 5 Sunday in Nairobi

The day started with worship - And was able to lead & preach.

Pretty great proclaiming Christ to missionary families. The sermon was on the feeding of the 5000 from Mark's Gospel. It begins with Jesus welcoming Apostles back to Himself for rest, people He had sent out. So needless to say it was easy to preach in context!

Some folks went down for an afternoon nap...

Pastor Shauen joined in...

Then it was Uncle Billy Christmas present time:Disney's Cars play-set. So fun!
Today was also another day of getting to know the missionaries here & hearing their stories. I invite you to connect with them!

(Click the link)

Thanks for everyone who has supported my work on this trip so far. I'm only able to produce these stories with your financial assistance. Learn more at the link below and thanks for sharing & donating!

p.s. Disney is everywhere! Happy New Year!!

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