What I learned about the Reolution war Elizabeth lynn

The French and Indian War-The war stared 1756 and ended at 1763. The English and the French battled for colonial domination in North America the Caribbean,and in India. England and France has bee building the conflict to America since. These efforts resulted in the remarkable growth of the colonies from a population of 250,000 in 1700,to 1.25 million in 1750.Britain was receiving raw materials including copper,hemp,tar,and,turpentine.

French & Indian war

The Sugar Act-On April 5 1764, Parliament passed a modified Version of the sugar and Molasses Act (1733),witch was bout to expire.The Molasses was has been Required to pay tax to 6 pence per gallon on the importation of foreign molasses.Because of Corruption,they mostly because of corruption, they evaded the Taxes and undercut the intention of the tax that the English product would be cheaper than that from the French West Indies.This hurts the British West Indies market in the Molasses and the sugar and the market for rum,which colonies had been producing in quantity with the cheaper French molasses.

The stamp act-The stamp act started on February 6th,1765. George Grenville Rose in Parliament to offer the fifty- five resolutions of his Stamp Bill.The Bill was passed on February 17,approved by Lords on March 8th.

Stamp act

The Virginia stamp Act-Patrick Henry who is a new member to the house of burgesses. In 1765 Henry took the floor Only 39 members in attendance, Johnson moved that the house resolve into a committee of the whole,Henry seconded the motion,and proceeded to offer a shocking series of resolute

The Virginia stamp act.

Proclamation of 1763-The end of the French and Indian War in 1763 was a cause for a great celebration in the colonies.The French effectively hemmed in the British settlers.The royal proclamation of 1763 did much to dampen that celebration.The French and Indian War was difficult problem for the crown.

Lexington and Concord War-The Americans won the war. On April 18,1775,British General Thomas Gage sent over 700 soldiers to destroy guns and ammunition that the colonies stored in the town of Concord just outside of Boston. Lexington was the first to get fired at.

Lexington & Concord battle

French and Indian War-The British won the Frencha and Indian war. The French and Indian War was a seven year war.It was series of wars between the British and French in the early 1600s

The French & Indian War.

Battle of Bunker Hill-The British won the war.The war was fought on June 17,1775. Several days after George Washington was elected commander in Chief of the Continental Army. The war was fought on Breeds him.

The battle of Bunker Hill.

On September 3,1783 Paris was signed in Paris France that Ended up the American Revolutionary War,which gave the Colonies their Independence from Great Britain.

The Revolutionary War allowed the 13 original colonies join together as one nation and become the United stated

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