Good Life Tour of the Harn kassidy klein

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist - This art piece immediately caught my eye as soon as I walked into the museum. I wasn't sure why it was so captivating until I read more about the artwork. The piece was done by 'Louis Comfort Tiffany' and Tiffany's artworks for known for impersonating plant life. This specific piece, was impersonating lily pads. The artwork made me feel like home because I have several lamps just like it. Perhaps, that may have been the reason I was so attracted to it in the first place. I find the lights to be the most striking part of the artwork, so simple yet so strong.
Design of the Museum - The most appealing part of the museum to me was the "Highlights from the African Collection" wing. As soon as you walked into the wing there was a large projector screen with a video playing, and the video had a group of kids dancing to a tribal song. As soon as I saw the video my curiosity was heightened. The entire wing had exhibits that screamed in colors and patterns, such as the exhibit behind me in the photo above. This particular wing made me feel like I was truly living in another culture, I had never seen such designs before. It was fascinating to discover such art pieces that were so vastly distinctive from the rest of the art in the museum.
Art and Core Values - As soon as I saw this picture I thought of my core value of "friendship". As I read more about the artwork I learned that the picture was taken in Paríba, Northeast Brazil. In Paríba, frequent droughts have led to poverty political oppression, and large migration movements. It reminded me that in tough times you always have your friends by your side. When I started college most of my close friends went to schools in another state, and although our troubles may not be as serve as those in the picture, sometimes I wish I had my friends by my side as I tackle the obstacles that college brings. The artwork actually made me feel sad because I had attended the museum alone, and shortly realized that all my close friends were in other states. Finally, this image reminded me how much I cherish friendship and how important it is to me to have close friends to help you through life.
Art and the Good Life: As I was walking through the museum I came across this white cabinet. The fourth drawer had a name tag that said "IUF The Good Life". I opened the drawer and there was a picture by Sebastiao Salgado called: Cast of thousands. After I left the museum I decided to some more research on the photo. The photo comes from a series called 'Workers'. The series focuses on global issues such as poverty, hunger, and labor abuse. In this picture specifically it focuses on the injustice of labor. In the picture you can see thousands of people mining in horrendous conditions in Pará Brazil (1996), which I think communicates the theme of injustice and abuse. I think the good life theme depicted in the art helps bring insight into the abuse that continues today around the world. The picture helps me understand two very important things. First, I'm grateful that I do not working in such conditions. Secondly, while I'm grateful I also realize that this still continues today and that a call to action is needed to end this form of abuse.


Kassidy Klein

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