Chelsea Flower Show May 24 2019

The day is finally here! All of these grand gardens have led up to the finale of the Chelsea Flower Show~ the “Super Bowl” of garden events. Held on the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, its original profit was 88GBP (about $100USD)...today a single ticket costs that much! Each year over 169,000 visitors attend the 5 day event. Inside the Grand Pavilion, are housed thousands and thousands of award winning flowers. It’s amazing!

Outside the Grand Pavilion are vignettes created by garden designers from around the world. One particularly poiniant venue was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of D Day coming up in June. There were soldiers made of wire representing those coming onshore at Normandy and on the other side soldiers in plaster sitting near/on the gravesites of their fallen comrades. A long long walkway was made up of vendors selling everything from greenhouses to pruners to tea towels.

This was a tunnel of purple flowers you walked under

Our time at Chelsea was 9am-3pm and by noontime the afternoon crowds were unreal...we were glad to have avoided most of them in the morning. Once again we were so blessed to have incredible weather~ 70 degrees and sunshine! In the evening, some went to the theatre while others relaxed at the hotel or nearby pubs.

Created By
Julie Bartz